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Philadelphia Labor Lawyer

Philadelphia Area Labor Law Firm Representing Only Individuals

John A. Gallagher is a Highly Experienced Labor Lawyer With Offices in Montgomery County, Chester County, Delaware County and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

At the Gallagher Law Group, we help individuals, and only individuals,with the following types of matters (you may type in the key words in our Search bar to learn more about these areas):

Unemployment Appeals (willful misconduct, voluntary quit, overpayment)

Severance Agreements (severance)

Non-Compete Agreements (non-compete, non-solicitation)

Discrimination Claims (age, sex, race, national origin, disability, hostile work environment)

Disability Leave Claims (FMLA, family leave, disability, ADA)

Reasonable Accommodation (ADA, Americans With Disabilities)

Retaliation (discrimination, hostile work environment, demotion, termination)

Wage Claims (WPCL, Overtime)

Labor Lawyer Serving Phoenixville, Pottstown, Norristown, East Norriton, Malvern, Paoli, Exton, Downingtown, Media, Radnor, Newtown Square and Philadelphia Areas

Pennsylvania Family Leave and Disability Attorney

John A. Gallagher, Esquire
Helping Individuals Since 1991
John A. Gallagher is an employment lawyer who represents employees in Pennsylvania.

Click Here if you have questions about any aspect of employment law, from wrongful termination, to wage and overtime claims, to discrimination and retaliation laws, to Family and Medical Leave…

Click Here if you have questions about any aspect of Pennsylvania Unemployment Law, from willful misconduct, to voluntary quit, to Referee Hearings, to severance issues…

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Anonymous said...

I started work in June of 2014 for Siemens Health, I was hired as a systems administrator and developer. My job required me to develop and test software and when completed with the developing and testing to move to the production area. After the first three weeks my work was getting backed up due to not having the permissions in Database to do my job. I addressed my manager of this problem and I asked him if previous developers in my position had the database access that I was requesting. He replied that they did and he could not understand why access was not available to me. In the mean time I was submitting request for veteran developers who worked for the company to please submit my changes so I could be as productive as possible. In September I still had no access and the company needed a major project done by November 4th with all work submitted by October 25th. I immediately went to my manager and told him the timeline is not doable because I still had no permissions. Unknown to me the company Siemens Healthcare had been sold in August for 1.5 Billion dollars to a company called Cerrners Healthcare. Siemens Healthcare is a IT consulting company, They have a contract with Pinnacle health until 2020, I was told this when being hired which is why I took the job for long term job security. In October I was called into a meeting along with other Siemens employees, we were told that even though Siemens was sold to Cerrner Pinniacle health would still need to honor the contract unless Siemens Healthcare's promised projects fell below 85%. Now heres where it starts getting nasty, All of my projects that I had would get done but I still had back log due too the permissions issue. Pinnacle assigned a senior nurse/analyst to the November project. The first meeting with the pinnacle analyst I again made my concerns with the permissions issue. After the meeting I was sent an email from management to not make Siemens issues known to Pinnacle. I was getting pressure at this point from the analyst during conference call meetings that it seemed I was incompetent to do the job, since I was falling behind schedule, during testing phases I was only getting part of the data back because of the permission issue. At this point the Pinnacle people had lost all good faith in me and continually were derogatory to me in front of fellow workers, during conference calls. Example during one call one of the people on the confrence was from West Virginia, during cassual talk I ask him how the weather was because I would be visiting West Virgina after the holidays since my family is from there, the Pinnacle analyst chimed in and ask me if the trailer parks are nice and if they were then I must not have been managing them. The final straw was the Pinnacle analyst bringing in outside consultant who were granted all DBA permissions something I had been needing for months, to complete the project. I was told to sit and watch and not to touch anything or interfere while they remote into my PC at work. That's when I had enough and quit. I applied for unemployment but have not heard back. This has stressed me out to the point of taking anxiety medication. It has ruined my 17 year record as a professional competent developer who has worked at the AOPC under the Supreme court, have awards for costumer service etc... I cant help but feel there was an agenda to make me miss this timeline. Any thoughts would be appreciated.