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What is the Legal Definition of a Hostile Work Environment in Pennsylvania?

One of the most common laments we hear is a "I work in a hostile work environment!" Often, the employee feels that he/she is being treated unfairly or differently than other employees. However, not every unpleasant work situation is illegal.

Protect Only Employees Subjected to ILLEGAL Hostile Work Environments  
There is a big difference between a lawful hostile work environment and an unlawful hostile work environment! Since nearly every state in America is an "employment at will" state, the first thing you need to know is that you can be fired for any reason, unless it is either an illegal discriminatory reason (i.e. you are fired for something beyond your control such as your age, race, sex, national origin, handicap, etc.) or a retaliatory reason (i.e. you are fired because you had complained about being treated in an illegal discriminatory fashion or because you engaged in some other legally protected action (i.e. complained about sexual harassment, filed a workers' compensation claim, sought Family and Medical Leave, sought overtime to which you believed you were entitled, took jury duty, etc.)

I am Being Bullied at Work - is that an Illegal Hostile Work Environment?

Unfortunately, there is no legal protection if you are fired because of a personality conflict, or because management simply prefers a co-employee more than you, or because your boss does not like your shoes. These things may be unfair, they may be morally and ethically repugnant, but they are not illegal.

NOT Illegal Under State or Federal Laws
So what is a"hostile work environment" as that term is used in legal circles? It describes a work environment that promotes and/or unreasonably permits discrimination against a particular employee or class of employees because of his/her/their age, race, sex, national origin, disability, religion, etc.

NOTE:  See Horrible Bosses: Boss Tells Woman to Forget About Daughter at Work "Because She's Dead."  Does such a callous statement give rise to a hostile work environment claim?

An Employee Who is Being Treated Differently or Unfairly BECAUSE OF His/Her of Race, Sex, Age, Disability, Pregnancy, Religious Beliefs or National Origin is the Victim of an Illegal Hostile Work Environment

Common examples of a hostile work environment would be where the employer permits the pervasive use of language or non-verbal expression that is hostile to persons of certain protected classifications. Such conduct often forms the basis for a claim of Sexual Harassment or Title VII Discrimination.

Mistreatment BECAUSE of Employee's Age, Sex, Race, Religious Beliefs, Disability, etc. is UNLAWFUL...
Another example of actionable misconduct is where the employer engages in Retaliation after after an employee registers a complaint to management or to a state or federal authority concerning any state or federal employment law, such as those laws making sexual harassment illegal, or those relating to as Overtime claims, Discrimination, the Equal Pay Act, the Americans With Disabilities Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, Sarbanes-Oxley , etc. is Being Mistreated After Formally Complaining About Alleged Unlawful Discrimination
Do you believe you are being discriminated against, treated unfairly, being subjected to a hostile work environment? We help people in Southeastern Pennsylvania with such situations everyday. Sometimes we help them keep their jobs. Sometimes we help them get freed of a terrible work situation and get them on unemployment. Sometimes, we sue their employers for illegal work practices.

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Anonymous said...

i work in a nursing home in punxsutawney,pa
ththey sent a letter out to all their c.n.a.s
it states that if you are off and they try to call you but if you do not answer that call that is wrote up as a refusal to work.
i do not set my phone 24/7.
also that you can only refuse overtime in a pay period once.
after taht you arw wrote up
the pay period is only 14days .
so they are saying they can force you to work overtime hour 9 in 14 days.
is this legal or harrasment?

Anonymous said...

My sister is out of work on disability. Her employer will no longer accept the reason for disability from her doctor. Her doctor will not write anything different than he has previously. Her original doctor has also sent her to a surgeon and says that the surgeon must fill out her disability paperwork the surgeon will not fill out any paperwork until after he does surgery on 4/3/09. Also, her original doctor will not release her back to work either. Although her employer did advise her that if he did it would be like saying that the time she was out was a fraud. In the meantime, she is no longer able to receive her disability payments and now fears her employer will terminate her as she waits to have the surgery? What can and should she do?

Christy Lehr said...

I work at an autism school. I feel that I am no longer safe working in the school. I have been attacked by students and the result of the attacks were black eye, concussion. I have also received a scratch cornea and bruised bone. I have been chocked as well as threatened to be stabbed by students. If I were to quit could I receive unemployment for unsafe work environment?

Christy Lehr said...

I work at an autism school. I feel that I am no longer safe working in the school. I have been attacked by students and the result of the attacks were black eye, concussion. I have also received a scratch cornea and bruised bone. I have been chocked as well as threatened to be stabbed by students. If I were to quit could I receive unemployment for unsafe work environment?

Unknown said...

I was in a relationship with my supervisor before he got me a job working under him. I was told by him when I started because we had a fight shortly after and o asked him if o easy gonna loose my job
That he wouldn’t be the one to have control over that. The big boss would. I worked there for months after with the threat of loosing my job everytime we had a disagreement in our relationship. He then came to me and told me when I was gonna start a new job that the boss wanted to give me full time hours and a pay raise to keep me. I stayed because I’m a single parent and needed the money. We had a fight at home and the next day after I told him I wasn’t sure that our relationship was gonna work with his temper. He told me to get the fuck out during the last two hours of my shift. When I was leaving he told me that I am fired and now terminated my employment but stated in the papers that I walked off the job and quit and refused to handle job assignments. Please give me your opponent this situation. He also gave me a 30 day notice to vacate our apartment the same day