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Need an Employment Lawyer Near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Help You With a Case Against Your Employer?

Need Legal Help With a Severance Agreement?
John Gallagher's Philadelphia Area Law Firm Negotiates
All Types of Employment Contracts
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Philadelphia area employment lawyer John A. Gallagher represents Pennsylvania employees located in towns such as King of Prussia, West Chester, Media, Norristown, Villanova, Radnor, Paoli, Bryn Mawr and Wayne review and negotiate Severance Agreements.  Located in Chester County, Mr. Gallagher will provide an evaluation of your Separation and Release Agreement for a reasonable flat fee and, where appropriate, will try to increase the amount of severance you have been offered on a Contingent Fee basis.

Questions?  John will spend 5-10 minutes with you discussing your current work situation, your disability/FMLA leave, your non-compete agreement, your wage claim, your unemployment claim or your potential lawsuit at no charge to you.  Call 610-647-5027.  John is usually available 24/7.

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Experienced Pennsylvania Employment Attorney Answers Most Frequently Asked Employment Law Questions - What Are the Most Common Areas of Dispute Between Employers and Employees? Here are Twenty-Six 

Below is a list of the types of employment matters we handle; I have found that over the years these are the the most common areas of disagreement between employees and employers and/or the most important federal employment laws such as Title VII, the Americans With Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Family and Medical leave Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act, etc.:

Employee Contracts 
Are You Really a
Self-Employed Independent Contractor?

Hostile Work Environment 

Pennsylvania Unemployment Claim Attorney 

COBRA and Whistleblowers 

Employer Retaliation 

Wrongful Termination 

Executive and Professional Severance 
Need to File a Charge of Discrimination With EEOC?

Break-time and Wages Issues 

Age Discrimination 

ADA Discrimination 

Race Discrimination 

National Origin Discrimination 

Non-Compete Agreements 
Denied a Reasonable Accommodation?

Sex Discrimination 

Equal Pay Act 

Pregnancy Discrimination in Pennsylvania 

Wage and Hour Claims 

Short- and Long Term Disability Claims a
Matter of Insurance Company's Discretion
Glass Ceiling Claims 

Sexual Harassment 

Unemployment Benefits 

Short-Term Disability 

Long-Term Disability 

FMLA and Disability 
FMLA Rights Being Violated?

H1-B Work Visa 

Employment Discrimination 

Medical Leave  

Are You an Employee Who Needs an Employment Attorney in Philadelphia, Chester County, Montgomery County, Delaware County or Bucks County?

Representing Pennsylvania’s Workforce Since 1991

John A. Gallagher is an employment attorney who represents employees who need an employment lawyer in the Philadelphia area, including individuals who live or work in Philly or nearby communities such as Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Berks County and Lancaster County.

Philadelphia Area Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) Lawyer Helping Employees With Medical Leave Requests and Short-Term Disability Appeals

Need an Experienced Pennsylvania Employment Attorney to Help You Negotiate an Employment Agreement or Severance Contract?

Have questions and need a legal opinion regarding Pennsylvania Unemployment issues such as  Willful Misconduct  or seeking legal representation for a Pennsylvania Unemployment Referee Hearing, feel free to send me an e-Mail or give me a call; I will provide a brief analysis of your issue and/or chance for winning at no charge.   

Click Here to jump to our answers to FAQs concerning a wide variety of common
employment law questions, such as “How does FMLA work?”-  “What does it mean to be an at-will employee?”-  “Do I have a claim for wrongful termination?” or “Is my non-compete enforceable?”  

Click Here if you have questions about any aspect of Pennsylvania Unemployment Law, including voluntary quit, willful misconductindependent contractor, self-employment, completing a Claimant Questionnaire, sideline employment or severance, or if you want to hire an attorney for a Referee Hearing. 

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