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In Philadelphia, Workplace Discrimination Based Upon Sexual Orientation and Gender Identification is Illegal

Philadelphia's Fair Practice Ordinance Makes it Illegal to Discriminate Against an Employee Because of His/Her Sexual Preference or Gender Identity

In 1974, the City of Philadelphia enacted the  Philadelphia Fair Practices Ordinance ("PFPO").  Its evolution since then has made it a piece of truly landmark legislation throughout the United States.

LGBT Community Provided Protection
from Discrimination in Philadelphia 
That is so because the PFPO, which applies to private employers operating in Philadelphia, makes it illegal to engage in workplace discrimination based upon sexual orientation (i.e. being gay) or gender identity (i.e. being transgender). In this way, and thanks to the principle of Federalism, the PFPO provides far greater protection than does its federal and state counterparts, Title VII and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act, neither of which protect gays or transgenders from discrimination at work, instead prohibiting only discrimination based upon race, color, sex, national origin, religious beliefs, disability and age.  

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The Philadelphia Fair Practices Ordinance Protects Gay and Transgender Employees From Workplace Discrimination

Philadelphia Expands Protection to
Gays and Transgenders
In 1975, the PFPO was amended to protect those employed by the city from discrimination based upon sexual preference, making it the first such law in United States history.  In 1982, the PFPO became the first law in Pennsylvania to make discrimination based upon sexual orientation illegal in the private workplace.

Twenty years later, the PFPO was amended to include protection from discrimination due to gender identification.  

Philadelphia's Commission on Human Relations Investigates Charges of Workplace Discrimination

Investigates Discrimination in City
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If you are employed within Philadelphia's city limits, and believe that you have been the victim of employment discrimination because of your race, color, sex, sexual preference, gender identification, national origin, religious beliefs, age or disability, you may file a Charge of Discrimination with the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations.  

NOTE: PFPO also prohibits workplace discrimination because of an employee's ethnicity, ancestry, marital status, familial status or status as a victim of domestic abuse.  Marital status and familial status are, of course, common areas associated with one's sexual orientation.

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NOTE: In 2015, Philadelphia amended its Charter to make the Philadelphia Office of LGBT Affairs an official part of its government.

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