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Ranking the Most Common EEOC Discrimination Claims in 2011

What Are the Statistics for EEOC Charges in 2011?

The attached Chart from EEOC sets forth statistics for Job Discrimination Charges filed with EEOC during the 2011 fiscal year (which ended September 30, 2011).  As discussed in an earlier Post, the 99,922 Charges filed in 2011 constitute the most ever filed during EEOC's 46-year existence.

An examination of this historical date discloses some interesting trends.

Age Discrimination Claims on the Rise in America

The Baby Boomers are now ranging in age from 47-65, and there are a lot of them. As the attached article discusses, older workers feel more and more they are being targeted for termination, and the statistics bear that out.

Being Targeted?  Statistics Suggest Maybe So
For example, in 1997, there were 15,785 Age Discrimination Charges filed with EEOC.  In 2010, that number was 23,264, which equated to 23% of all Charges filed with EEOC.

Race Discrimination Claims Remain the Most Common Charges Filed with EEOC

Standing Up For Rights
Race Charges were the most common claims filed in 2011 (36%), followed by Sex (29%), Disability (25%) and then Age (23%).  National Origin, Religion and Equal Pay Act claims all registered less than 5% of all
Charges filed with EEOC in 2011.

Retaliation Claims Also on Rise

A Retaliation claim under arises when an employer demotes, fails to promote, suspends or fires and employee who has made a claim of discrimination/hostile work environment based upon age, race, sex, national origin, religion or disability (or when a complaint of sexual harassment is made).  In 1997, roughly 35,000 Retaliation claims were filed.  In 2011, that number was roughly 67,000.

To me, this suggests that more people are reporting claims of discrimination/hostile work environment to management.

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