Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Notice of Financial Determinations in Pennsylvania - What Do They Mean?

If I Receive a Notice of Determination in Pennsylvania, Does That Mean I Am Eligible for Unemployment?

No.  Every single person that files for unemployment in Pennsylvania gets a Notice of Financial determination.  This document is generated no matter what - if you were fired for stealing $1 Million, you get a Notice of Financial Determination.  If you quit to retire to Tahiti, you get a Notice of Financial Determination.

This document, issued by the Unemployment Service Center, simply tells you how much per week you will get IF you are eligible for unemployment (i.e. did not engage in willful misconduct or quit without necessitous and compelling reason).

The document that tells you if you are actually eligible for unemployment benefits (at least in the eyes of the Service Center), is called a Notice of Determination.  It typically arrives - 3-4 weeks after the Notice of Financial Determination.  The Service Center makes its decision as to your eligibility based upon information it seeks from you and your employer after you have filed.

Either you or the employer may appeal from the Notice of Determination, which leads to a Hearing before a Referee.

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