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What is an ILLEGAL Hostile Work Environment? Workplace Bullying Alone is Not Illegal in Pennsylvania

Being Treated Unfairly or Cruelly at Work or Being Bullied is NOT Illegal UNLESS...

If mistreatment by co-workers or bosses was illegal, I would have retired 15 years ago.

Sorry to Say - Mere Bullying is NOT Illegal
People mistreat other people.  They single people out, they isolate people, the bully people.  Folks that are in power, or perceive an advantage in a political or power dynamic, are especially guilty of this.  If the courts permitted everyone who felt they were being treated unfairly or poorly at work to "seek justice" by having a trial - the courts would shut down - like next week.

What is an At Will Employee in Pennsylvania?

The at-will employment doctrine stands for the proposition that you can be fired for any reason (that is not illegal) and, since termination is a workplace death sentence, it stands to reason that you can be demoted, not promoted, isolated or bullied for any reason - without recourse - unless the reason for the mistreatment is illegal.

What is an Illegal Hostile Work Environment?

Keeping it short and simple: if you are being subjected to mistreatment because of your protected status (age, sex, race, national origin, disability, religious belief, pregnancy)...

It is Illegal to Mistreat Someone in the Workplace
Because of His/Her Protected Characteristic
 OR as a result of sexual harassment 

Sexual Harassment by Your Boss is per se Illegal
OR in retaliation for a specific complaint based on your reasonable belief that you have been treated unfairly because of any of the above...

If You Complain About Illegal Workplace Misconduct and are Punished -
That is Illegal Retaliation
OR because you have asserted your rights under certain statutes such as the Family and Medical Leave Act ("FMLA"), the Americans With Disabilities Act (seeking a reasonable accommodation), the Fair Labor Standards Act (overtime), Pennsylvania's Workers' Compensation Law and some others as well.

Retaliation Against Employee Who Has taken Family Leave, Sought a Reasonable Accommodation or Filed a Workers' Compensation Law Illegal

Those are the basic facts - and that is the basic law!

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