Monday, October 1, 2018

WATCH: Kanye West's SNL Rant (After Show Cut from Air)

Kanye West Wears MAGA Hat, Claims Democratic Plan was to Promote Welfare, Take Fathers out of Homes

As per People, here is what Kanye West said at the beginning of his speech, after the cameras had stopped rolling:

“I wanna cry right now. Black man in America, you’re supposed to keep what you feel inside right now. And the liberals bully you and tell you what you can and cannot wear, where you and they can’t not stare. And they look at me and say, ‘It’s not fair. How the hell did you get here?’ Well…”

“Actually, blacks weren’t always Democrats,” he started. “It’s like a plan they did to take the fathers out the homes and promote welfare. Does anybody know about that? That’s the Democratic plan.”

“It’s so many times that I talk to a white person about this, and they say, ‘How could you support Trump? He’s racist.’ Well if I was concerned about racism, I would have moved out of America a long time ago. We don’t just make our decisions off of racism. I’ma break it down to you right now: If someone inspires me and I connect with them, I don’t have to believe in all they policies.”

Here is the end of his speech ("they bully me"):

I certainly am not in any position to comment on this, nor will I need to.  I suspect the "90% liberal" folks in the media, Hollywood, New York and L.A. will have quite a bit to say, though.

Matt Damon, meanwhile, was spot on as a sniffling, yelling, crying Brett Kavanaugh:

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