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"If I Quit My Job, Will I...." -- Career Advice No One Will Give You

Rarely in Your Best Interest
Should I Quit My Job?  "If I Quit my Job, Will I....."

I received thousands of calls a year from employees, and perhaps the most common questions I get are some variant of the following:

"If I quit my job, will I:

* be eligible for unemployment?
* be eligible for my bonus?
* continue to receive my commissions?
* still be bound by my non-compete?"

I am not a proponent of resignations, for many reasons.  Too much is sacrificed and, outside of instant gratification/peace of mind, little is gained.  It is always easier to find a new job when currently employed, so my advice in most situations is - hang in there and let them fire you (or, hopefully, find a new job first!).

You Are NOT Alone
Today I happened across and excellent article by Minou Clark at Huffington Post, entitled, "The Best Career Advice and Tips: Younger Bosses, Bad Fonts and Knowing When to Travel." Ms. Clark's article is actually an anthology of articles recently published by HuffPost.  I am going to run down some of my favorites, with links for those so inclined:

1) Career Advice No One Will Give You

As the article says, some people will not like you, some people will try to antagonize you and sometimes a relationship with your superiors cannot be made kosher. We all know this and, when we are meditating, it is easy to say that we will let things go and deal appropriately when such situations arise. However, in practice, I find that a startling amount number of people are unable to let things slide. Let things slide, suggests - and I agree with her.

We Can Work It Out...
Look, some of my best friends started out as my worst enemies, and I know that I am immune not unique or alone. You may find it if you can work through the turmoil, a for tile work relationship you never imagine will grow.  Bring those meditative thoughts into work with you.

2)  Best Career Advice for Millennials

Be humble. By the same token, at the same time, try to make an impact on your new employer by taking responsibility and asking to lead projects. At first you may be denied the opportunity but, if during the early stages of your employment you are transparent - admitting that you do not know something, seeking help rather than acting blindly and making a costly mistake - opportunities will open up.

The social, take an interest in your colleagues. I think it is fair to say that the thing that we all enjoy talking about the most are the things that interest us. Further, the people that we get along with pastor those that share our common interests. Make no mistake, getting along with others is probably the most important component of employment. If I do not like someone, I will be unwilling to promote them despite their skill set. If I do like someone, I will be willing to promote that even if I feel they are not quite ready for the opportunity.

3) Best Career Advice for Older Workers and Baby Boomers

They say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. That adage can be particularly problematic if you walk around saying that you don't understand new technology. Keep it to yourself and spend some extra time at night learning the new technology. The last thing you want to say to a supervisor that is in his or her 30s is that you don't understand and are unwilling to learn new technology. If you do that, you draw such a stark contrast that it will be very difficult to find common ground between the two of you.

Biscuits are on Sale Today?!
The world has changed since 1988. Who knows that better than the people that have been educated within the last decade? Who knows that better than the people have started their career within the last 15 years? Ask those types of people for guidance in areas about which you are unsure. No one hates someone who is humble - and everyone is willing to pass along their knowledge to those who are humble enough to ask.

4) The 9 Worst Mistakes You Can Ever Make at Work

These are things that you hopefully learned at your first job and are in many ways the inverse of the above suggestions. That said, here they are:

As True Today as When You Were 12
   a.  Backstabbing

   b.  Gossiping

   c.  Taking credit for someone else's work

   d.   Engaging in emotional hijacking (exploding at work, blaming others, etc.)

    e.  Announcing that you hate your job

    f.   Telling lies

    g.   cooking/eating/bringing fish, onions, etc. for lunch (a pretty clear demonstration that you do                not care about your co-workers)

    h.   Burning bridges by "dropping an atomic bomb on any professional relationship."  Some                      things,  you cannot undo...

I hope that you found this helpful and feel free to click on any of the above links for more insight

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