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What Do I Do If I am Unable to File My Bi-Weekly Unemployment Claim in Pennsylvania?

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What Happens if I am Unable to File my Claim During the Unemployment Appeal Process in Pennsylvania?

Here is an e-Mail I received from a client today:


I just got through to the UC Services Center.  They had to "reset" their system in order for me to file claims for the past weeks that were never paid.

A piece of advice here for the future.  Please share this with your clients that are going through a UC Appeal process.  What I learned today is that - EVEN THOUGH THE WEBSITE WILL NOT LET YOU FILE A CLAIM DURING THE APPEALS PROCESS - YOU STILL HAVE TO FILE!  THE ONLY WAY TO FILE IS TO CALL THE UC SERVICES CENTER.  I was told that I should have known this by reading the UC handbook.  

So, they reset the system, and I just filed for 6 weeks electronically.  Now there is a catch here.  For the weeks that I was untimely in filing for, a "decision" will be made as to whether or not I get paid.  Messed up to say the least.

At any rate, thanks for your response, John.  Talk to you soon.  



In Pennsylvania, Claimants Must Continue to File Bi-Weekly Benefit Claims After You Have Appealed a Notice of Determination and/or While Awaiting a Referee Decision Following an Unemployment Hearing

This client had recently won an Unemployment Referee Hearing, but was not able to file his bi-weekly claims either after he appealed from a Notice of Determination denying benefits or after he had won his Referee Hearing.

I have received many such calls, so I expect many Pennsylvania workers are experiencing similar problems.  Hope this helps.

Here are phone numbers for the various Pennsylvania Unemployment Service Centers:

UC Services Phone Numbers
UC Service Center Statewide
Toll-Free Number
TTY Services for Deaf and
Hard-of-Hearing Toll-Free
Videophone Service for ASL Users-
Wednesdays, noon-4 p.m.
*Sign language is the ONLY means of communication provided at this number.
UC Service Center Fax Numbers
UC service center hours of operation are 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with Monday being a heavy call day. 

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If you have received a Notice of Hearing, Mr. Gallagher will provide a FREE telephone evaluation of your unemployment claim. If he believes there is a reasonable chance for you to win with his assistance, he will then provide a reasonable flat fee to represent you at the Hearing.  John has handled hundreds of Pennsylvania Unemployment Referee Hearings involving:

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·       overpayments

If you have filed for Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation and believe you need legal help with an issue relating to your application, questionnaire, Referee Hearing or appeal, call or e-Mail John (please include your phone number) and Mr. Gallagher will spend a few minutes reviewing the situation with you and, if he believes he can help, he will explain why and how, and will quote you a reasonable flat fee.

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