Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What are the Sixers Odds of Getting Number 1 Pick in Tonight's NBA Ping Pong Ball Draft Lottery

76ers Chances of Getting Lakers' Pick and Top 3 Pick Tonight

Here is how it breaks down:

Chance of No. 1 Pick:   14.7%
Chance of No. 2 Pick:   15.1%
Chance of No. 3 Pick:   15.4%
Chance of No. 4 Pick:   32.4%
Chance of No. 5 Pick:   58.1%
Chance of No. 6 Pick:   16.5%
Chance of No. 7 Pick:   .8%

Philadelphia 76ers Have a 53.1% Chance of Getting a Top 3 Pick Tonight Courtesy of the Los Angeles Lakers

So, the permutations look pretty good.  Since the Sixers do not get the Lakers pick if that pick is one of the Top 3 picks, the very best the Sixers can do - and it would be awesome Embiid - er indeed, would be as follows:

76ers Get No. 1 Pick

76ers get No. 4 pick courtesy of the L.A. Lakers

Is Tonight the End of Sam Hinkie's Process?

Sam Hinkie's Banner to be Raised Tonight at Draft party
CSN.Philly has a great write up worthy of a few minutes for all Sixers' fans.  Is tonight the end of the Process? 

Sixers Fans Hope Celtics and Lakers Fans are Crying in Their Chowdah and Sushi Tonight

What could be sweeter than to see the Lakers, who are truly abysmal and have virtually no hope for any success in the near term irrespective of the outcome of tonight's Lottery, suffer a grave blow by losing their pick to YOUR Philadelphia 76ers!!!

Oh, and screw the Celtics - who are in the driver's seat for the number one pick -courtesy of the truly awful and stupid Brooklyn Nets (thanks Billy King - yet again).  I am not sure how faR the pick can drop, but is out of the top 5 too much too ask?

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