Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tiger Woods Admits Drug Use - Was Alone and Apparently Parked When Arrested - Issues Full Statement - To Be Arraigned on July 5

Full Details on Tiger Woods DUI – Prescription Drugs Cause of Arrest – Tiger Alone in Car - Tiger’s Full Complete Statement

New details emerged this morning about Woods's arrest for DUI in Jupiter, Fla., on Monday. A report from the Palm Beach Post said that Woods was alone and driving a 2015 Mercedes Benz at the time of the incident. He was arrested for DUI of drugs or alcohol and "cited for improper stopping, standing or parking in an illegal place." Woods's arraignment hearing is scheduled for July 5.

On Memorial Day evening Tiger Woods released a statement saying that prescription drugs – not alcohol – was the basis for his arrest. 

"I want the public to know that alcohol was not involved," the statement read. "What happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications. I didn't realize the mix of medications had affected me so strongly."

Tiger apologized to family, friends and fans. "I will do everything in my power to ensure this never happens again," he said. "I fully cooperated with law enforcement." 

This morning, copies of the police report were made available to the press and public.  According to an article in the Palm Beach Post, Woods was driving alone in the 2015 Mercedes-Benz when he was arrested “and cited for “improper stopping, standing or parking in an illegal place.” The arrest occurred at 315 in the morning and Woods was then booked at 7:18 AM and released at 1050 on Memorial Day morning. He is scheduled to be arraigned on July 5.

Can You Be Convicted of a Crime for taking Prescription Drugs as Prescribed?  Will Tiger be Convicted?  Is Tiger Physically Addicted to Opiates?

It seems apparent that Tiger was taking opiates for pain and perhaps a benzo such as Xanax as well.  These are serious drugs, and the withdrawal from such drugs can take many months, depending upon the persons history of use. 

Although I do not practice criminal law, I believe it is possible to avoid a conviction if one is arrested while under the influence of prescription drugs. I believe that is the case where the drugs in question were taken as prescribed, as opposed to being purchased without a prescription or the amount consumed exceeded the prescribed dosage. Of course, this assumes that one is not mixing prescription drugs against a doctor’s advice, and that one’s physician has not sought to restrict driving privileges.

Although I am not 100% certain of the above, I believe that is a defense that can work. Moreover, I believe one has a better chance of prevailing on such a defense where, as here apparently, the driver of the vehicle was parked or in mobile (provided, of course, that the driver did not fall asleep while waiting for a red light to change).

That said, one look at Tigers mugshots suggest that he hasn’t been getting a lot of sleep lately and, if one is out wandering around the 3 a.m. while under the influence of prescription drugs (sans alcohol, no less) that suggest the potential for a real problem. It is commonly understood that people often secure illegal drugs in the early morning hours. An addiction to prescription drugs can be intractable, so perhaps we should keep Tiger in our prayers as opposed to subjecting him to our ridicule and vitriol. Most importantly, let’s hope also that he does not do anything further that would put the public or herself in danger.

UPDATE: May 30 @10:00 p.m.: Tiger mixed 4 prescription pills, thought he was in L.A., had two flat tires, smashed fender and asleep with turn signal on.  Click Here to read more.

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