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Keys to Writing a Popular Blog

How Can I Make my Blog POP??!!

Detailed Information, Blog Frequently, Add Cool Images,
Insert Relevant Links, Promote it on Social Media
Since May 2010 Nearly 600 Blog Posts on Employment Law Issues Have Generated Nearly 1,000,000 Page Views

This is the third in a series I am writing about my journey to one million page views on this Blog, a number I will reach this month.  As I start this post, the number on the bottom right reads views 997,138.

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Should I Use Blogger, Word Press or Some Other Blogging Forum?

When I created my Blog in May of 2010, I did not spend a great deal of time analyzing this issue. Moreover, there were fewer choices back then.  I chose Blogger because it was easy to get started and I figured that, by virtue of it being affiliated with Google, I would have a chance to generate more organic page views. Indeed, I believe this is probably proved to be the case. Equally important, I like the simplicity of Blogger, and the features that it offers.  I have not regretted my choice.

Google's Blogger Easy to Use, and is
Sponsored by, well... Google
What Do Popular Blogs Have in Common?

I have not really studied other blogs, but I know what I like in a blog, and what has worked for me.

The key to creating a successful blog, at least in my humble view, is taking the time to write comprehensive, clear speaking posts that are intended to educate - rather than attract - readers. You've gotta give it away to keep it, they say, and I think that is especially true when it comes to blogging on the Internet.

Want a second opinion? Check out "8 Keys to Blogging Success," by Social Media Examiner.

When you do a search on the Internet you are looking for answers, right?  So are the folks that come to your blog. However when I go to a blog that contains the very questions that I have posed, but none of the answers that I seek, I find it to be a real turn-off, and I leave as quickly as I can. Google notices that type of reader reaction. Give the answers and don't worry about getting phone calls. If your blog generates 10,000 page views a day, you will get phone calls!!

This About Sums Things Up!
What Are the Keys to Attracting Page Views on a Blog?

Take the time to blog frequently -- at least 2 times a week, I think, and make sure that your content is rich with factual detail, relevant links and captivating images. I also think that, to keep your own interest, stating your own opinion on an issue never hurts.

I have found that using external links to interesting publications on the Internet, along with internal links to other articles on my Blog, is very important - as are images.

If your content is of sufficient interest, readers will read, and maybe even click through on a link or post a comment.  And when readers come to your Blog and hang out for a minute or two, Google notices, and organic hits will follow, and increase arithmetically, as time goes on.

Want more ideas?  Check out "9 Killer Ways to Make Your Blog Popular," by Mastermindblogger.

Posting on Social Media Helps a Blog Attract Readers

I almost always Tweet, GooglePlus and LinkIn my blog posts.  I find that Twitter, particularly, helps generate page views.  There are many other social media sites, and I keep learning more and more about them.

Hence, one day soon, if I keep following the rules, two million will be within view - and it won't take 6 years! For now, its 997,151 - and counting!

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