Sunday, September 4, 2016

How to Reach One Million Page Views on Your Blog

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Thousands, nay, Millions of Page Views- on a Blogspot Blog are Within Your Grasp

This is the second of a series of Blog Posts I am writing concerning my now inexorable march towards 1,000,000 page views on my humble little Blog, a benchmark I shall reach within the next 2-weeks or so. Click Here to read the first chapter in this series.

On the bottom right hand corner of this Post the counter reads 994,081 as I start this Post on a sunny Sunday afternoon in September, 2016 (yes, honey, I will get to the yard work in just a minute or two...)  Truly, I never envisioned that happening when I published the first of 589 Posts back in May of 2010....

The Key to Attracting Page Views on Your Blog is Hard Work, Dedication and Sweat

I do not have a "secret sauce," unless "sweat equity" meets that definition.

Burning the Midnight Oil = Required
I started slow, and have picked up speed ever since.  They key for me has been finding topics that I find interesting, and spending the time on each Post necessary to reflect that interest.

I do not write to sell, but to inform...Am I guilty of writing for purposes of attracting traffic?  Well, of course; from time to time if I see a story of national interest, I will drop what I am doing and post on that issue pronto.

Relaxation Can Wait
When a National Story Emerges
Just yesterday, for example, I was relaxing and watching an episode of Narcos, Season 2, when I heard that Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback Sam Bradford had been traded. I sprang (well, ambled, at least) from my bed, rushed downstairs and 20 minutes later, voila, I posted an article on the trade.

Even in my rush to compete with the ESPNs of the world, however, I took a few extra minutes to include some information that the national media (in their similar rush to publish, make no mistake) failed to include.  Pictures of Carson Wentz and Chase Daniels, for instance.  And each of their career statistics.

I Believe It Is Extra Effort That Makes the Difference

I like to think that such additional effort makes a difference to my Readers but, whether that is true or not, it makes a difference to me.

The result? A "mere" 69 page views on that article yesterday.  But, it was 69 more views then I had when I was watching Pablo Escobar carrying out yet another heinous act of greed and cruelty.

So, there is that....

Okay, now on to that yard work (sigh!).

994,096 and counting...

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