Friday, September 9, 2016

All Major NFL 2016 Season Predictions Here

Out of the Countless 2016 NFL Season Predictions From ESPN,, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, etc., Only Three "Experts" Predict Philadelphia Eagles Will Win NFC East Division!

Celebrating the Miracle at the Meadowlands II,
Courtesy of D Jax, December 19, 2010
I read and I read, with increasing dread, the dire Predictions by the national scribes recognized as NFL gurus.  I have included only predictions made within the last week or two, many of which  were made after the Sam Bradford trade. Here is what I found:

Few Believers...but Who Thought FredEx's Hands
Would Come Through on 4th and 26??!!


538 uses predictive mathematics. Picks 'Skins to win NFC East, buy narrowly, over Birds. Give Eagles 27% chance to win NFC East, predict 7.6 wins.

Sports Illustrated's MMQB team

7 writers led by Peter King who eat, drink and sleep NFL -- 5 pick Redskins, 2 the Gints.

Philadelphia Magazines Birds 24/7 crew

Our own Eagles-centric 24/7 picks Washington, followed by the Birds (at 7-9), Giants and CowGirls. Predict Seahawks beat Steelers in Super Bowl.

ESPN' MediaZone 

A 42-member panel made SB Picks only; None have the Birds, but 11 have the Seahawks, 9 the Pack, 6 the Pats and 5 have the Stillers or the Cards (led by former Temple U coach Bruce Arians!)

Oh What Fun...
USA Today

Have Big Blue and CowGirls at 9-7, DeadSkins at 7-9 and Eagles at (gulp!), 4-12.  Steelers over Cards in SB.

Fox Sports

WhatIf program uses simulated technology and has the Redskins with 8 wins, followed by the Eagles, Giants and Cowboys with seven wins each. Arizona over Kansas City in the Super Bowl. This is the only KC pick in the Super Bowl I've seen.

Good Luck to You and the Chef's, Big Red's staff

Seven staff writers pick the Giants, 3 the Redskins and 1 the Cowboys. One of the writers has the Giants in the Wild Card position and another the Cowboys.

It Was to Ride...Number 25...
Yahoo Sports

I have a lot of respect for a number of the Yahoo writers. Unfortunately, 3 have the Giants winning the division, 2 the Cowboys and 1 the Redskins. No pics for the Eagles again (sigh). 2 picked the Cardinals to win the Super Bowl and one each the Steelers, Patriots, Seahawks and Panthers.

Gone, but not Forgotten...
NBC's Pro Football Talk team

3 the Giants, 2 the Redskins, 1 the Cowboys.

ESPN's National Team Reporters

Even our local pundit, Phil Sheridan, does not have the Eagles winning the division. Five of the seven pick the Redskins and 2 the Giants.

Things Could be Worse...

At long last we have Philadelphia Eagles believers!! Alas, out of the 20 writers only 3 pick the Eagles. Two of them, however, Heath Evans and Willie McGinest, are former NFL players. The third, Greg Rosenthal, is well-respected in the industry. Out of the remaining 17 writers, 7 pick the Giants, 6 the Cowboys and 4 the Redskins. Overall six of the writers pick the Patriots to go all the way, 4 the Steelers, 3 the Seahawks, Cardinals and Packers and 1 the Panthers.

And, BDawk is Back...
CBS Sports

I like the CBS Sports website. However, I don't like its predictions this year. Four of the writers pick the Giants, 2 the stinkin' Cowboys, and 1 the Redskins. 3 have the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl, 2 the Cardinals, 1 each the Panthers and Pack. Interestingly, no one from has an AFC team winning the Super Bowl.

Reppin' Our Birds Since '62,
 and Pennsylvania Employees Since 1991

Me? Ever the optimist, I see 8-8, and a division crown on tiebreakers!!!

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