Wednesday, September 21, 2016

21 States File Federal Lawsuit in Texas Seeking a Declaration That New Overtime Law is Unconstitutional and Violates Tenth Amendment


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Which 21 States Have Sued the United States Department of Labor Seeking to Strike Down the New Overtime Law Enacted in 2016 at the Urging of the Obama Administration?  

In States of Nevada; State of Texas; Alabama; Arizona; Arkansas; Georgia; Indiana; Kansas; Louisiana; Nebraska; Ohio; Oklahoma; South Carolina; Utah; Wisconsin; Commonwealth of Kentucky, by and through Governor Matthew G. Bevin; Terry E. Branstad, Governor of The State of Iowa; Paul Lepage, Governor of the State of Maine; Susana Martinez, Governor of The State of New Mexico; Governor Phil Bryant of the State of Mississippi; and Attorney General Bill Schuette on Behalf of the People of Michigan, Plaintiffs,


United States Department of Labor; Thomas E. Perez, in his Official Capacity as United States Secretary of Labor, The Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor; Dr. David Weil, in his Official Capacity as Administrator of the Wage and Hour Division; Mary Ziegler, in her Official Capacity as Assistant Administrator for Policy of the Wage and Hour Division, Defendants.

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Lawsuit Filed by 21 Republican States in Texas Federal Court Asserts that New Overtime Law Enacted in 2016 Violates 10th Amendment

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