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Chip Kelly Fired From Job as Head Coach and "General Manager" of Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie Makes Wise Decision to Terminate Contract of Chip Kelly 

December 29, 2015 -  Jeffrey Lurie, the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, announced today that the team had "released" Chip Kelly, thus ending a nearly 3-year debacle during which Eagles' fans had to suffer the loss of exciting and talented players such as DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy, while simultaneously being forced to endure Coach Kelly's insufferable arrogance.

So Long, Chipper
Statement of Eagles' Owner Jeffrey Lurie About Release of Chip Kelly

Mr. Lurie posted the following statement on the Philadelphia Eagles Website:

I have made a decision to release Chip Kelly this evening. I spent the last three seasons evaluating the many factors involved in our performance as a team. As I watched this season unfold, I determined that it was time to make a change. 

As we move forward, the search for a new head coach will begin and will be led by myself, Don Smolenski and Howie Roseman. To the extent that we are able, we will try to keep you informed as we go through this process. 

Pat Shurmur will be our interim coach for the Giants game Sunday. 

We have also released Ed Marynowitz, vice president of player personnel. Tom Donahoe, who has been our senior football advisor since 2012, will assume the role of senior director of player personnel. 

I am determined and excited to select a new coach to help us obtain our ultimate goal. 

Thank you for your consistent and enthusiastic support. It is always appreciated.

Jeffrey Lurie
Chairman and CEO

Twitter Reaction to Philadelphia Eagles Decision to Dump Chip Kelly

Click Here to see some Twitter reaction to the news via cbssports.com and Here for same from phillymag.com.

We Have Been Deprived of the Sheer Joy
of Watching Shady Run
Kelly Never Understood That Talent
Trumps All in the NFL
Culture Trumps Talent - Hogwash! 

The NFL is a game in which the most talented, aggressive and clutch prevail.  Always has been, and always will be.

How Many Years Are Left on Chip Kelly's Contract, and How Much Money is Chip Kelly Still Owed by the Philadelphia Eagles?

There are roughly 2-years left on Kelly's contract, and he is still owed approximately $13 million.

Take the Money and GO 
Almost all NFL coaching contracts contain "offset" language, which means that, if Chip Kelly finds another job, he can get paid only the difference between what Kelly's next employer agrees to pay him, and the $13 million he is owed by the Eagles pursuant to the 5-year, $32.5 million agreement he signed with the Birds in January 2013.

"Time of Possession is Irrelevant" - Tell it to Your Defense and the Eagles Fans

Perhaps the most frustrating and misplaced philosophy embraced by Kelly, and there were many, was his idea that it was the number of plays that a team ran during a game that was of utmost importance, and that time of possession was an overrated, irrelevant statistic.  Kelly's adamant insistence that he was right in this regard, and that everyone else who thought, and game planned, otherwise throughout the history of the NFL, was wrong.

Hence, during the past 3 years, the Eagles' defense was forced to play the equivalent of one extra game per year.  This was not only highly disrespectful of the safety of the team's defensive players, who were forced to endure 80+ extra violent collisions per year as compared to their counterparts throughout the NFL, but also of the players' desire to compile the kind of impressive statistics necessary to gain recognition, and thus earning power, throughout the league.  

Moreover, Kelly's view was completely out of step with the Eagles' fanbase, which has long valued defense over offense.

I was initially a Chip Fanboy, but that ended when he inexplicably cut DeSean Jackson, who had provided me with many moments of sheer joy,  the pinnacle of which was seeing the Miracle in the Meadowlands III at Giants Stadium in December 2010.

Me (No. 20!) and my Fellow Eagles' Fans Immediately After MITMD III
Since then, it has become increasingly clear to me that Kelly was all theory, and lacked the substance necessary to win in the NFL.

How Does Chip Kelly's Record Comp[are to That of Successful NFL Coaches?

A simple examination of the record of successful NFL coaches posted today by Adam Hermann of phillymag.com makes this abundantly clear, at least in my eyes:

First Year
Second Year
Third Year
John Harbaugh (32-16, 4-3)
11-5 (2-1), 2nd
9-7 (1-1), 2nd
12-4 (1-1), 2nd
Mike Tomlin (31-17, 3-1)
10-6 (0-1), 1st
12-4 (3-0), 1st
9-7 (0-0), 3rd
Mike McCarthy (27-21, 1-1)
8-8 (0-0), 2nd
13-3 (1-1), 1st
6-10 (0-0), 3rd
Bill Belichick (25-23, 3-0)
5-11 (0-0), 5th
11-5 (3-0), 1st
9-7 (0-0), 2nd
Pete Carroll (25-23, 2-2)
7-9 (1-1), 1st
7-9 (0-0), 3rd
11-5 (1-1), 2nd
Sean Payton (25-23, 1-1)
10-6 (1-1), 1st
7-9 (0-0), 3rd
8-8 (0-0) 4th
Ron Rivera (25-23, 0-1)
6-10 (0-0), 3rd
7-9 (0-0), 2nd
12-4 (0-1), 1st

Kudos to Mr. Lurie for making the right call at the right time.  If only Chip Kelly had done the same....

Hopefully, Mr. Lurie Will Hire a Coach Who Emphasizes What Eagles' Fans Treasure Most -
an Imposing, Dominant Defense
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