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Phillies Trade Cole Hamels to Texas Rangers for 5 Prospects - Jorge Alfano, Jerad Eickhoff, Nick Williams, Alec Asher and Jake Thompson

Philadelphia Phillies Trade Left-Handed Pitcher Cole Hamels and Jake Diekman to Rangers for Five Prospects and Big Leagurs Matt Harrison (Injured)  

Well, its done
.  The last, still-thriving, member of the Phillies' great team that won the 2008 World Series over the Tampa Bay Rays is no longer a member of the Phillies.  Colbert Michael Hamels has been traded.

He and Jake Diekman were traded to the Rangers for the following 5 prospects: Jorge Alfano, Jerad Eickhoff, Nick Williams, Alec Asher and Jake Thompson.

How Are the Prospects the Phillies Got From the Rangers in the Cole Hamels Trade Ranked?

Click Here to see the write up on the Rangers Top Prospects - the Phils got 3 of their top 6 (Alfano, Thnoson and Williams), plus their number 17 (Eickhoff) and 29 (Asher). Pretty good darn haul!

Thompson #4 Prospect
Alfaro #5 Prospect
Williams #6 Prospect
Here is what former GM Jim Bowden had to say about some of these prospects today on ESPN:

The Rangers have an intriguing package they can offer the Phillies, starting with a middle-of-the-rotation starter in Gonzalez or Thompson. They also could provide the Phillies a long-term corner outfielder with a choice of two future stars in Mazara or Williams. Mazara is the higher-profile prospect -- he has a ton of upside -- while Williams is the more sure thing; he's going to rake. The final piece is the key here, though, because Alfaro could be the rare catcher with 25-homer power once he fully develops. His receiving still needs a lot of work, but he has been making progress. Still, it's a strong package that the Phillies would have to consider.

That Magic Moment!
As for Cole, he joins integral former Phils such as Brad Lidge, Shane Victorino, Jayson Werth, Pat Burrell and Jimmy Rollins on the other side.

The Fl;yin' Hawaiian Joins the Dogpile
Only Chooch, Ryan Howard and Chase Utley - now shells of their former selves - remain.

I Was Among Them - A Magic Carpet Ride
The City of Brotherly Love had  25 year-old Cole "Hollywood" Hamels, the MVP of both the 2008 League Championship Series and World Series, to thank above all.  The boy from Southern California that some initially perceived might be too soft for the hard-core fan base proved to be tougher than nails when it counted the most.

Thanks, Cole, for Everything
Cole Hamels' Career and Post-Season Statistics

Click Here for Cole Hamels' Career Statistics.  Here is a snapshot of his bona fides:

Career Record:            114-90

Career ERA:                3.30

Career WHIP:             1.14

Career IP:                    1,930

Career Hits:                 1,717

Career Ks:                   1,844

Post-Season Awards:

NLCS MVP - 2008

World Series MVP - 2008

Post-Season Record:  7-4, ERA: 3:09, WHIP 1.14.

I guess you could say that Cole has been a model of consistency.

How Does Cole Hamels Compare to Other Top Major League Baseball Pitchers?

According to this (superb) May 15, 2015 article from

Since the beginning of the 2010 season, Cole Hamels has a 3.03 ERA in 167 games.

Among his peers who have also pitched at least 1,000 innings over that time, only Clayton Kershaw (2.34) and Felix Hernandez (2.74) have better ERAs. Among the same group, only five have thrown more innings or have a lower opponents' OPS.

The deeper you dig into the numbers, the better Hamels looks. ERA-plus, for example, measures ERA against the league average and adjusts for ballpark factors. Since 2010, Hamels has a 128 ERA-plus - again, only Kershaw (157) and Hernandez (138) are ahead of him.
                                                                 .   .   .
Since the beginning of 2013, the team has a 32-39 record in his starts.

But don't let that win-loss total fool you: Hamels has a 3.10 ERA in those 71 games. Hamels is the only major league pitcher who has been getting less than 3.5 runs of support per start in each of the last three seasons.

Entering this week, Hamels had a major league-low 1.9 runs per start in 2015. In the last 20 years, no pitcher with at least 25 starts has ever received less than 2.5 runs per start.

The Phillies have scored three runs or fewer in 59 percent of his starts - and two runs or fewer in 39.4 percent of his starts - since the beginning of 2013.

A Stellar career, Thus Far
The Hamels Foundation Helps Inner City Children Obtain Educational Opportunities

In addition to his on-field successes, Cole Hamels, and his wife Heidi, have been an important part of the Philadelphia Community.  Their Charity, The Hamels Foundation, has helped many children achieve educational successes they would not otherwise had an opportunity to accomplish.  we can only pray that the Foundation continues to thrive even in the absence of Cole and Heidi during the baseball season.

A Heartfelt Thank You to Cole Hamels

Cole, I think I speak for all of Philadelphia when I say, thank you for all that you have done, both on the field and off.  May the wind always be at your back, and that of Heidi, as you undertake all of your future endeavors.

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