Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Landslide: CNN Poll Reveals That Hillary Clinton Runaway Leader of all Candidates for 2016 Presidential Election

If the Republican Nominations Were Today, Jeb Bush Would be the Nominee
A recent CNN Poll indicates that Jeb Bush and Donald Trump hold considerable leads over other potential Republican candidates for the 2016 Presidential election.  On the Democratic side, it is Hillary Clinton by a landslide over her only possible opponent, Vice President Joseph Biden.

The Republican Elephant -
Strong and Dignified

Jeb Bush (former Florida Governor):                                    19%
Donald Trump (former host of “The Apprentice”):              12%
Mike Huckabee (former Arkansas Governor):                      8%
Ben Carson (a neurosurgeon):                                                7%
Rand Paul (Kentucky Senator):                                              7%
Marco Rubio (Florida Senator:                                              6%
Scott Walker (Wisconsin Governor:                                      6%
Chris Christie (New Jersey Governor):                                  3%

If the Democratic Nominations Were Today, it Would be Hillary Clinton by a Wide Margin
The Democratic Donkey -
Smart and Brave
Hillary Clinton (Secretary of State):                                  57%
Joe Biden (Vice President):                                                 16%
If the Presidential Election Was Conducted in July 2015, Hillary Clinton Would be Elected the First Woman President of the United States of America
CNN further reports that, according to the Poll results, if the election was held today, Ms. Clinton would win in a landslide over any possible Republican candidate:
Looking ahead to the general election, Clinton continues to hold significant leads over Bush   (54% Clinton to 41% Bush) and Christie (56% Clinton to 37% Christie). She has also opened up wide leads over Rubio (56% Clinton to 39% Rubio) and Walker (57% Clinton to 38% Walker), as those two have slipped among independents.

Clinton's clearest advantage, however, is over Donald Trump, 59% say they would vote for Clinton if the 2016 match-up were between her and Trump, 34% say they would back Trump.

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