Friday, July 3, 2015

Can States Force Private Citizens to Do Business With Gays, Immigrants or Muslims? NO! Someone, Please Tell Oregon

The State of Oregon Imposed a $135,000 Fine Against a Private Bakery That Refused to Make a Wedding Cake for a Lesbian Couple

I find this amazing.  I am all for equal rights, and certainly applaud the Supreme Court's recent ruling making gay marriage legal in all 50 states.

While Government Cannot Discriminate,
States Have No Right to Impose Their Views Upon Private Citizens

BUT - it seems to me that it has been the law in this Country since 1787 that states cannot impose penalties on private citizens who, no matter how wrong, choose to discriminate against other private citizens based upon their race, national origin, disability, age, religious views, color or creed.

Yet, the state of Oregon yesterday imposed a $135,000 fine on the owners of a private bakery that refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.  The christian couple that owns the Sweet Cakes Bakery intends to appeal this decision, which will in turn cost them tens of thousands of dollars, while at the same time turning their lives upside down and detracting from their ability to earn a living.

A Bitter Day for the Sweet Cakes Bakery
States Abuse Their Power When They Seek to Impose Their Belief System Upon Private Business Owners Who Choose to Discriminate Against Private Citizens

When those in power knowingly impose penalties upon private citizens despite having no right to do so, everybody loses.

Oregon simply has to know that it has no power to levy this fine.  This is 3rd grade constitutional law.  Yet, in order to make its point ("we are a tolerant state"), it has forced the owners of this bakery to spend countless hours and dollars to appeal a decision, which the state will fight via use of salaried employees (paid for by taxpayer money) with no resource limitations.

Oregon Bakery Owners Aaron and Melissa Klein
By the time this is over, the Portland-area bakery owners, Aaron and Melissa Klein, will likely be broke and out of business, and Oregon's taxpayers will have paid many thousands of dollars on a legal defeat Oregon's elected officials knew all along was Constitutionally warranted.

Really sad.

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