Sunday, June 21, 2015

It is Illegal in Philadelphia to Discriminate Against an Employee or Job Applicant Due to His/Her Sexual Orientation and/or Gender Identity

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Neither Title VII Nor Any Other Federal Law Makes Discrimination Based Upon Sexual Identity or Orientation Illegal - But the Philadelphia Fair Practices Ordinance Does

Click Here to examine the Ordinance.

Not Protected From Discrimination Under Federal Law!
Why the United States Congress continues to ignore such forms of discrimination, and to protected human beings affected thereby, remains a mystery.

Feds Permit Discrimination Against
Gays/Lesbians and Transgenders
However, people employed in Philadelphia, whether by the City or any other governmental agency, or by a private employer, are protected from such discrimination under the City's Fair Practices Ordinance.

The City of Brotherly Love Shows its True (Wonderful) Colors 
Let's hope the federal government follows suit, sooner or later.

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