Monday, June 29, 2015

Changes at the Top - Philadelphia Phillies to Introduce Andy MacPhail as New Leader of Operations Today

The Philadelphia Phillies Will Hold a Press Conference Today to Introduce Andy MacPhail's Hiring Into a Role as Team President (?)

Blend of New School and Old School?
Andy MacPhail IN - Ruben Amaro, Jr. OUT (?!) in Phillies Front Office Shake Up

In a move that most Philadelphia fans will quickly lead to the departure of Ruben Amaro, Jr. from his current role as General Manager of the Phillies, the team will hold a press conference today at 2:30 to announce the hiring of Andy MacPhail.

Yeah, Well, You Are Nat as Sad
as the Phan Base, RAJ
It is expected that Mr. MacPhail will be given the title of Team President, or the like, putting in charge of all baseball operations at the Major League level and thus paving the way for the firing of Mr. Amaro, Jr., who Pat Gillick seems hesitant to terminate.

Mr. MacPhail, he of the unfortunate name, is, to me, an interesting hire.  He has a pretty-good track record, and they say he embraced analytics during his recent stint with the Orioles.  Let's hope he continues that trend here in Philadelphia.

In any event, the key to his tenure will be who he selects to replace Mr. Amaro. We need a young, aggressive GM steeped in analytics to take over control of player personnel decisions. Let's hope that Mr. MacPhail moves the franchise in that direction....  

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