Thursday, June 18, 2015

American Money Trivia - Who Are the Only Three Woman Appearing on American Coins? Who Are Only Non-Presidents on Paper Bills?

Three American Woman Have Been Portrayed on American Coins

The wonderful news that a woman will be selected to replace Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill gave rise to my curiosity concerning American currency.

For example, the three woman that have appeared on American coins are Susan B. Anthony, Martha Washington and Sacagawea.

Only Two Non-Presidents Are Portrayed on American paper Currency

They are American founding father and creator of our banking industry Alexander Hamilton, and Philadelphia's own, the esteemed Benjamin Franklin.

On His Way Out....
Show Me the Benjamins

Which Animal is the Only One to Appear on an American Coin?

Why, the buffalo, of course.  Frankly, their tale is a tragic one, and putting them on the tail side of a limited edition nickle only added insult to injury.  Moreover, although the coin is referred to as a "buffalo" nickle, it is actually a bison that is depicted.

I Once Got a Ticket to a 76ers Game Against the Buffalo Braves
(Featuring Bob MacAdoo) With One of These!
Who is the Only Anonymous Person to Appear on an American Coin?

Well, besides the buffalo, of course, the answer is found on the heads side of the buffalo nickle.  

The above image is referred to as "the right profile of an American Indian."  Could we not at least have taken the time to honor an actual Native American?

Adorns Neither Coin nor Paper Currency...
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