Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Will Lance Armstrong Ever Learn? Lets Girlfriend Take Blame for Hitting Two Parked Cars

Lance Armstrong Rides, Crashes and Lies Again

Lance Armstrong was a hero of mine, someone I held up as a standard of courage while raising my children during the 90's and early-Aughts.

When rumors of his PED use and blood doping first came to light, I tried to ignore them.

When he vociferously denied the allegations, and began public feuds with his former teammates, I cringed, and began avoiding him as a topic of conversation in my life.

When he finally admitted that he had lied countless times, I wrote him off, but hoped he would find some redemption.

Lance and Anna Hansen
ESPN Report Indicates That Lance Armstrong Was Behind Wheel During December 28, 2014 Crash, Lets Girlfriend Anna Hansen Take Blame for Accident

When I read this article today on ESPN.com, and assuming it to be true, I am now convinced that Lance Armstrong lacks moral turpitude.

As if I needed more proof.

Just one man's opinion.

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