Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tragic Commuter Train Crash Outside of New York City

Six Dead, More Than a Dozen Injured in NYC Metro-North Train Crash

This morning, a Metro commuter train travelling 20 miles west of New York City crashed into an SUV that was stopped on the tracks.

Tragedy Strikes
Six people are confirmed dead (5 train passengers and the driver of the SUV), and more than a dozen are reported injured.

The available accounting of the known facts is truly remarkable.

The woman driving the SUV had gotten out of her vehicle after she was blocked by the track's safety gates.  After getting out of her vehicle, she wiggled the gates (they are of the wood variety and easily destroyed by a moving vehicle).  She then got back in at the last moment (presumably to move the SUV from the tracks and save lives?), only to be struck and pushed the length of 10 train car lengths.

This woman's final act suggests incredible courage and self-sacrifice (although how she got into the situation in the first place remains a mystery).

The collision caused an explosion so fierce that the track's third rail became unhinged and pierced the railway car.  Fire and smoke filled the first few cars of the train.

The train passengers started to panic and stampede towards the rear of the train after the accident and ensuing explosion, but restrained themselves after realizing that an orderly approach was safest.

Wow, what amazing restraint and collective sensibility under extreme duress.

God Bless the persons and families involved.

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