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Resumé Mistakes - Best Resumé - Most Common Errors in Resumés

What is the Best Way to Prepare a Resume?  How Do I Prepare a Good Resume?

Recently, published what I view as an excellent article detailing the most common mistakes made on Resumés, as identified by managers responsible for considering same.

The article identifies 11 common Resumé  mistakes.  The 5 I found most common/problematic are as follows:

 5 VIP Things to Keep in Mind
1)  Spelling errors/grammar misuse;  Simply stated, I would never hire someone who sent me a Resumé with a spelling mistake or containing misuse of language.  Running Spellcheck alone is not enough- if your letter starts "Deer John," Spellcheck will not pick up this job-candidacy ending error.

2)  Too long, detailed:  Believe it or not, I do not want someone who has had 30 jobs in the past 3 years.  Also, you are not unique but, rather, like one of 10 Billion people on Earth, and one of like 300 candidates.  Limit is to one neat page, no matter what you have to eliminate.  Also, I know what a legal secretary does; you need not point out the 48 different things you have done in that capacity. Too much!

3)  Too general:  If you are applying to a job at my Firm, I want to see that you took the time to make your Resumé to your application; this goes double for your cover letter (no more than 3 paragraphs).  If you do not care enough to do that, I will not consider you;

4)  Poor formatting:  It should be easy to read; I have 30 seconds, max, to spend on your Resumé, and I want to see the highlights; and,

5)  Too vague:  Tell me what you did at your former job that makes you proud; long,. detailed generalities without specifics is the kiss of death.  See No. 2, above.

To the things identified in the article, I would also add:

Geography:   If you live 40 miles from me, I probably will not want to interview you, recognizing that the commute will, in the long run, be too much to handle;

Lack of relevant job experience:  Many job postings (such as mine) seek candidates who can "step right in" and be productive from Day One.  Please do not waste our time; it makes you appear desperate or careless or self-absorbed.

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