Friday, February 6, 2015

NBC’s Brian Williams Now Subject of Inquiry for Lying About Experience During Hurricane Katrina

Did Brian Williams Also Lie About What He Saw and Experienced in New Orleans During Hurricane Katrina?

Yesterday, Brian Williams admitted to lying about being on a helicopter that was shot down by RPGs and AK47s while in Iraq in 2003.

Today, pundits are questioning whether the stories he told about what he experienced while covering the Hurricane Katrina story are, at best, embellished - if not outright untruthful.  NBC has apparently launched an investigation into Mr. Williams.

The anecdotes in question, at least so far, appear to be Williams claim that he suffered from dysentery after accidentally ingesting flood water, seeing a dead body float by from his hotel window and the french quarter and being rescued from a gang-related armed robbery while in the stairwell of his 5-star hotel.

Good luck with that, Mr. Williams.

Boots may be, how do we say - Overkill?

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