Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ex-NFL Player Brad Culpepper Sued for Workers Compensation Fraud After Appearing on Survivor

Did Football Player Who Appeared on Survivor Commit Workers Compensation Fraud?
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I am an avid NFL fan (aren't we all?), and I remember Brad Culpepper.  He was a force within the Tampa Bay Buccaneer's defensive front during the 90's.
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After retiring, Culpepper filed a Workers' Compensation claim, saying he had an 89% disability, and was unable to work.  He reached a $175,000 settlement on that claim.

Recently, Culpepper appeared on Survivor, and, I must admit, he looked pretty spry, hale and healthy.  Now, the Workers' Compensation insurance company is suing him for fraud.

Ex-NFL Star Culpepper Being Sued for Appearing on Survivor is Now a Personal Injury Lawyer
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Interestingly, Culpepper is now a personal injury lawyer in Tampa, representing persons hurt in motor vehicle accidents and the like.

Check out this article, and the accompanying video.

Then, you be the judge!

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