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Foles Overrated? Not by Those in Know- NFL Execs Rank Nick Foles as Tier 2, Top 15 Quarterback - Where Do the Experts Rate Nick Foles Among NFL Quarterbacks?

Birds - A Winner in Town?
Nick Foles Rated 15th Best Quarterback in NFL by Those in the Know - Executives, Scouts and Players Say Nick Foles is the 15th Best Quarterback in the NFL and That Foles is Better Than Cam Newton, Jay Cutler and RG III

I believe you have to be an ESPN Insider to read the whole thing (I am, and I recommend it), but if you can check out the recent ESPN article by Mike Sando, "Ranking 32 NFL QBs by Tier."  

This is the real deal, as Sando spoke with current and former GMs, coaches and players.

Where Do the Experts Rank Nick Foles of the Philadelphia Eagles as an NFL Quarterback in 2014?  Is Nick Foles Elite or Considered a Better Quarterback Than Robert Griffin, III and Cam Newton by Experts?

Sorry, Fellas, But the Experts Agree - You Are Looking Up at Nick Foles
Here are the Top 2 Tiers (in order of ranking):

Tier 1


Tier 2


Experts Rank Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles Number 15 Among the 32 Starting Quarterbacks in the NFL. Nick Foles is Rated Just Below Tony Romo, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick by NFL Experts

The rest (Tiers 3 and 4) include names such as Newton, Cutler, Smith, Dalton, Griffin, Bradford and Palmer.

For St. Nick to be in Tier 2 after only his second year (and, really, after only 10-12 games of truly meaningful NFL action) is pretty darn impressive.

Former Redskins GM Charlie Casserly Would Take Eagles Nick Foles Over Seahawks Superbowl QB Russell Wilson has compiles quarterback ratings of some experts such as Charlie Casserly and Steve Young.  The articles focus on Russel Wilson's standing in the NFL and, in some instances, they include a discussion of Nick Foles.  Casserly, former GM of the Redskins during their hayday, says that he would take Foles ahead of Wilson.

Charlie Says: Foles > Wilson
Again, pretty impressive, Nick.

Fantasy Quarterback Rankings - Nick Foles is No. 12 - Nick Foles Overrated? Hardly!

ESPN Quarterback Fantasy Ratings have Eagles' Nick Foles Rated 12th.  Checking in with the fantasy geeks, they have Foles rated 12th.  He is immediately after Wilson, Kaepernick, Brady and Ryan, and immediately ahead of Rivers, Cutler, Romo and Roethlesberger.  We know how seriously Fantasy Geeks take these things - so while they may not be experts, per se, they are usually pretty close to spot on when it comes to predicting players' outputs based on things such as TD passes, Total Yards, etc.

Looking at a Variety of Pundit Opinions, it is Clear That Nick Foles is an Ascending Quarterback Who is Just One Good Season (2014!) Away From Being Widely Viewed as a Top 10 NFL Quarterback. 

It looks to me as though the experts agree - we have a damn good quarterback in Philadelphia.

Go Birds!

Who Are the Top 100 NFL Players in 2014

Here is some Bonus Coverage:

Pete Prisco Reveals His List of Top 100 NFL Players, with Comments by Front Office and Coaches

Number 1 - Still

Where Does LeSean McCoy Stand in Ranking of Top 100 List Rating Best Players in the NFL?

No. 9 - and Ahead of AP, I Might Add
How Many Philadelphia Eagles are Included in the Most Recent Rankings (2014) of the Top 100 Players int he NFL?

Just 3:

Shady (9)
JP (38)
Evan Mathis (48)

But, let's look at it another way:

Three Philadelphia Eagles Ranked Within Top 50 Best Players in the NFL in 2014.

That makes me feel a little better.

3 All-Pros - I am Trying to Remember the Last Time the Birds Had 3 All-Pros....

Fond Memory Department:

The Author and Some Fellow Birds' Fans at Giants Stadium Moments After DJax Punt Return Against the Gints:

I'm the OLD GUY....

Just a few minutes earlier, things looked dim....But I remember having a feeling, and I snapped this picture:

It Got Quiet Soon After...

DeSean Jackson Ranked Number 88 on Recent Rankings of Top 100 NFL Players

Oh, and by the way, Prisco has the California Flash ranked at No. 88. Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin did not make it on there....

Thanks for the memories, Number 10.  In terms of excitement, toughness and thrills, you are right there with the greatest I have seen: Randall, Charles, AI, The Dude, Shady, The Boston Strangler, TO, Doc, Bobby Jones, the Rat, Bobby Clarke, Bernie, Schmitty, Reggie, Jerome, and, of course, B-Dawk!

Which is where I will end - with Number 20:

The One and Only Wolverine

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