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I Have an Illinois Unemployment Hearing for Misconduct - Do I Need a Lawyer?

I Live in Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, Naperville, Joliet, Springfield, Peoria, Elgin, Waukegan or Cicero, and Received a  Determination Saying I am Ineligible for Unemployment Benefits Due to Misconduct and Need an Attorney.

We have established a framework of attorneys located throughout the United States who are experienced and skilled at representing claimants in Unemployment Hearings. So, if you have an Unemployment Hearing in Illinois, fill out our Contact form and we will put you directly in touch with our preferred Illinois attorney (all Illinois Unemployment Hearings are conducted via telephone, so our Chicago lawyer can represent you at a hearing in Illinois no matter where you live).

Illinois' Unemployment Laws
Very Similar to Those of Pennsylvania 
How Long Do I Have to a Appeal a Notice of Determination from the Illinois Department of Employment Security Saying I am Not Eligible for Unemployment Benefits?

If the Claims Adjudicator in your case has issued you a Notice of Determination stating you are not entitled to benefits due to alleged misconduct, you must appeal that Determination within 30 days.

What Happens After I Appeal an Illinois Unemployment Determination Saying I am Ineligible for Unemployment Compensation?

A Referee Hearing will be scheduled.  It is at this Hearing that you will want to consider hiring an attorney to represent you.  The rules of evidence are in play at a Referee Hearing, and it is very important that you know when and how to object to evidence put forth by your employer.

A Good Lawyer Can Make
Bad Evidence Disappear
For example, when the issue at the Hearing is whether you engaged in misconduct, the burden of proof is on the employer at the Referee Hearing.  That means the employer "goes first" and presents its case.

Employer's often rely upon irrelevant evidence or hearsay when they are trying to prove their case.  an experience unemployment lawyer can help you win the case by making proper, timely objections to such evidence. Once such evidence is excluded - Poof! - the employer;'s case evaporates into thin air and - you win.

Have a Referee Hearing for Unemployment Benefits in Cook County, Lake County, Kane County, DuPage County, Will County or Champaign County, Illinois?

The laws in Illinois regarding misconduct hearings are very similar to those in Pennsylvania.  Spend some time on our Blog familiarizing yourself with the relevant concepts. Then, if you would like a referral to our Illinois Unemployment Specialist, just give me a call, or fill out our Contact form.

We will put you in touch with qualified counsel without delay (we charge you nothing for this service).

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