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Sacramento, California Unemployment Compensation Lawyer

We Have Affiliated With an Attorney in Sacramento Who Specializes in Unemployment Claims

Unemployment benefits are very important to those in need.  Finding high quality, experienced lawyers who regularly handle unemployment contests was not a simple endeavor.  However, I have located an attorney in Sacramento who has substantial experience (and success) in handling unemployment claims. 
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So, if you call our office or complete our Contact form, we will connect you with him, and you will be connected directly to an experienced attorney who has handled hundreds of unemployment hearings in the Sacramento area.

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Have an Unemployment Claim in Sacramento, Davis, Woodland, Fair Oaks, Land Park, Folsom, Rocklyn or Roseville? What is Misconduct Under California Unemployment Law?

Although I am unable to provide legal advice on California law, I can pass along some basic legal principles I gleaned from researching the relevant law.  This task is made easier because my research has disclosed that unemployment claims in California are rather similar to those in Pennsylvania in a number of important respects. 

For example, a claimant can be denied benefits only if he/she was terminated due to "misconduct."  This is, of course, one of the more common areas of dispute in unemployment compensation cases.

"Bad Grades" Not Disqualifying,
Provided You Were Trying Your Hardest
Moreover, if you were terminated due to alleged poor performance, you are in many cases able to received Unemployment Benefits under California law.  Be aware, though, this is a common area of dispute, and employers are well- schooled on how to make your alleged poor performance appear to be the product of your laziness, insubordination, etc., which are disqualifying factors.  Thus, "poor performance" cases are certainly matters in which you would benefit from having counsel!

Sacramento, California Attorney Handling Unemployment Claims in Sutter County, Yolo County, Solano County, Contra Costa County, Amador County, San Juaquin County, El Dorado County or Placer County? - Can I Quit My Job and Get Unemployment Benefits in California?

You Can Safely Quit This Job
Under California law, you may be entitled to California Unemployment Benefits even if you quit your job if you had good reason to do soFor example, suffering a  significant reduction in hours or compensation through no fault of your own, being subjected to an unduly harsh/unsafe work environment, etc.

Need California Unemployment Lawyer Near Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Galt, Isleton, Rancho Cordova?

California decides unemployment claims via a) an administrative claim process; b) a right to appeal from the administrative decision; and, most importantly, c) a Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. Just as in Pennsylvania, having an attorney represent you at this all-important Hearing may spell the difference between winning and losing your claim.

Sacramento-Area Unemployment Claims Lawyer Handling Referee Hearings in Sacramento Area

Finally, Unemployment Hearings in California, like those in Pennsylvania, often yield sworn testimony from employer witnesses.  This testimony can later be used to your great advantage during the prosecution of claims for illegal discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination, etc.  An experienced attorney is essential to skillfully executing such a strategy.  Our Sacramento attorney frequently prosecutes such claims, and will be able to skillfully navigate you through any litigation process as needed.

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NOTE:  Many employment claims are based upon federal laws which are similarly applied by many states. 

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NOTE: Pennsylvania and California unemployment law are in many respects similar, so the basic principles discussed in the above-link may be informative; however, only an California attorney can truly guide you through the California unemployment claim process.

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