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Miami, Florida Unemployment Compensation Lawyer

We Have Affiliated With an Attorney in Miami Who Specializes in Unemployment Claims (aka Reemployment Assistance Claims)

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Unemployment benefits are very important to those in need.  Finding highly competent, well-traveled attorneys who routinely handle such claims takes some digging.  Eventually, I identified an attorney who fit my criteria located in Miami.  Since Florida Unemployment Hearings are held over the phone, he can represent citizens located anywhere in the Sunshine State. 

So, if you call our office or complete our Contact Form, we will put you in touch with him. Then, you will have an opportunity to secure a highly able, experienced lawyer who has handled hundreds of Unemployment Hearings throughout Florida (at what I find to be a fair price).

Florida Lawyer Handling Unemployment Claims:  What is Misconduct Under Florida Unemployment Law?
Bad Grade Not Enough to Disqualify You
If You Were Trying Your Best

Although I am not able to provide legal advice regarding Florida law, I am able to pass along some basic legal principles I uncovered while researching the relevant law.  This endeavor was made easier because my research revealed that Florida unemployment principles are similar to those in Pennsylvania in a number of significant aspects.  For example, if an employee is terminated for misconduct, he/she cannot get unemployment benefits.  However, just as in Pennsylvania, alleged poor performance is not disqualifying misconduct under Florida law.

If This Is Your Office,
You May Likely Quit and Get UC Benefits

Need an Unemployment Lawyer in Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, Tallahassee or Orlando? Can I Quit My Job and Get Unemployment in Florida?

Under Florida unemployment law, you may be entitled to Florida Reemployment Assistance if you had good reason to quit your job.  Good reasons may, for example, include a significant reduction in hours or compensation through no fault of your own, being  subjected to an unduly harsh/unsafe work environment, etc.

Need Lawyer to Help With Your Unemployment Claim in Monroe County, Palm Beach County, Duval County, Broward County or Hillsborough County?

The procedure for obtaing UC benefits in Florida is virtually identical to that followed in Pennsylvania.  There is an administrative claim process, a right to appeal from the administrative decision and, most importantly, a Referee Hearing.  Just as in Pennsylvania, having an attorney represent you at the all-important Referee Hearing may be thevdifference between winning or losing your claim.

Florida Unemployment Compensation Lawyer

Finally, Unemployment Hearings in Florida, like those in Pennsylvania, are conducted under oath.  That means you can extract potentially damaging testimony from relatively unprepared (many employers do not hire lawyers for UC hearings) employer witnesses.  This sworn testimony can later be used during the prosecution of claims for illegal discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination, etc.  An experienced attorney is essential to skillfully executing such a strategy.  Our Miami attorney frequently prosecutes such claims, and will be able to skillfully navigate you through any litigation process as needed.

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John A. Gallagher is an employment lawyer who represents employees in Pennsylvania.

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NOTE:  Many employment claims are based upon federal laws which are similarly applied by many states. 

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NOTE: Pennsylvania and Florida unemployment law are in many respects similar, so the basic principles discussed in the above-link may be informative; however, only an Florida attorney can truly guide you through the Florida unemployment claim process.

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