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Chicago, Illinois Unemployment Compensation Lawyer

We Have Affiliated With an Attorney in Chicago Who Specializes in Unemployment Claims

We have over the past years routinely received inquiries from employees in states other than Pennsylvania asking if we could help them with their unemployment claim, or knew someone who could.  Insofar as I am licensed to practice only in Pennsylvania, and given that I am blessed with a practice that seldom leaves me time for anything other than helping my clients, the answer to date has usually been, "I am sorry , I do not know anyone in [pick State]."

This has nagged at me for some time, so I determined that in 2014, I would locate and team up with like-minded attorneys in other states who dedicate their practices to employee rights and, by extension, to representing individuals in unemployment compensation matters.

The Windy City
Unemployment benefits are very important to those in need.  Finding high quality, experienced lawyers who regularly handle such claims is not an easy task.  It took me some time, effort and background-checking, but I found an attorney who fit my criteria located in downtown Chicago. 

So, if you call our office, we will transfer your call directly to his office, and you may rest assured that you will have an opportunity to secure a qualified, experienced attorney who has handles hundreds of unemployment hearings in the Chicago area (at what I find to be a rather fair price).

This = Misconduct in Any State!

Chicago, Illinois  Lawyer Handling Unemployment Claims in Chicago-Aurora-Joliet Counties - What is Misconduct Under Illinois Unemployment Law?

Although I am not able to provide legal advice on Illinois law, I am happy to pass along some basic legal principles I gleaned from researching the relevant law.  This task is made easier because my research has disclosed that unemployment claims in Illinois are rather similar to those in Pennsylvania in a number of important respects. For example, one is terminated for misconduct, one cannot get benefits.  However, just as in Pennsylvania, alleged poor performance is not deemed to be disqualifying misconduct under Illinois law.

Chicago, Illinois Attorney Handling Unemployment Claims in Kane, Kendall and McHenry Counties - Can You Quit and Get Unemployment in Illinois?

You May Be Entitled to Benefits
In quit cases, the law in Illinois is quite similar to that in Pennsylvania where voluntary quits are concerned.  That means you may be qualified for Illinois Unemployment benefits if you had good cause to quit your job. The good cause standard may be satisfied in a number of ways, such as if you quit because you were being sexually harassed or subjected to similar unlawful treatment, in order to follow your spouse to a new military outpost or due to the fact that your pay was significantly reduced.

Need Unemployment Lawyer Near Cicero, Oak Park, Berwyn, Forest Park, Lyons, River Forest, Summit, Evergreen Park, Elmwood Park or Maywood?

 Illinois adjudicates unemployment claims in a fashion quite similar to that used in Pennsylvania.  There is an administrative claim process, a right to appeal from the administrative decision and, most importantly, a Referee Hearing.  Just as in Pennsylvania, having an attorney represent you at the all-important Referee Hearing may be crucial to the outcome of your claim.

Chicago-Area Unemployment Claims Lawyer Handling Referee Hearings in Lake County and Surrounding Areas

Victim of Discrimination?
Finally, Unemployment Hearings in Illinois, like those in Pennsylvania, can be fertile grounds for obtaining testimony under oath from employer witnesses - testimony that can later be used during the prosecution of claims for illegal discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination, etc.  An experienced attorney is essential to skillfully executing such a strategy.  Our Chicago attorney frequently prosecutes such claims, and will be able to skillfully navigate you through any litigation process as needed.

Call us at 610-647-5027, or e-mail John A. Gallagher, if you are interested in referral to a Chicago Unemployment Claim Attorney.

John A. Gallagher is an employment lawyer who represents employees in Pennsylvania.

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NOTE:  Many employment claims are based upon federal laws which are similarly applied by many states. Even so, courts in various jurisdictions sometimes apply the law differently.  Thus, the best practice is often to retain a lawyer who regularly practices in your jurisdiction to handle your claim.

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NOTE: Pennsylvania and Illinois unemployment law are in many respects similar, so the basic principles discussed in the above-link may be informative; however, only an Illinois attorney can truly guide you through the Illinois unemployment claim process.

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