Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Some Interesting and Surprising Careers That Pay Six Figure Incomes

What Are Some Interesting Jobs That Provide a Six Figure Income?

I love  They always have great lists, and their research is darn reliable.

 Click Here to read their article on some notable six figure careers you may not have thought about (I hope my daughters are listening, there are a few on here that Dad things have appeal (and, no, I do not mean as seafarers).

Among my Beloved Father's Favorite Expressions
Here is the Forbes list of 21 such jobs/careers:

*  Makeup Artist (theatre, movies, fashion);
*  Technical writers (i.e. copy for instructional manuals, directions, etc.)
*  Gaming Managers (casinos);
*  Seafarers (captains and crews of ferry's tugboats, etc.);
*  Art Directors:
*  Transportation Inspectors;
*  Broadcast News Analysts (talking heads on sports, law, economy, politics, etc.);
*  Agricultural Managers;
*  Insurance Sales Agents;
*  Public School Administrators;
*  Public School Home Economics teachers;
*  Public School Music, Art, Theatre teachers;
*  Writers/Authors (magazine, short stories, etc.);
*  Film and Video Editors;
*  HR Managers;
*  Arbitrators/Mediators;
*  Database Administrators;
*  Multimedia Artists;
*  Bank Loan Officers.

Thanks, Forbes, and may your article create new/better/interesting/rewarding career paths (for at least two of) your readers!

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