Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What is at Stake as Federal Extension on Unemployment Set to Expire on December 31, 2013?

Federal Law on Extended Unemployment Benefits Will Expire on December 28, 2013

According the a recent article from Huffington Post:

The Line is Long...
*  1.3 Million Americans will have their extended UC benefits cut-off as of January 1, 2014;

*  850,000 more Americans who would be qualified for such benefits in the coming few months will never receive them.

It is Up to The Republicans

It appears that the Democratic party is ready to sign off on an additional extension of the federal
government's emergency unemployment benefit extension program.  So it seems that the ball is in the court of the Republican party.

DID YOU KNOW:  That the federal government has provided extended UC benefits to workers that have been unemployed since the end of WW II?  I did not until I read this article, which notes this annual ritual has only become tempestuous in the past few years.

Perhaps it would be a good time to let your local politicos know your feelings. It is their job to advance and champion the wishes of their constituents.

NOTE (12/4/13)Click Here (Republicans "don't have much appetite" for extension) and Here (Dems claim extension will create 200,000 new jobs) for latest from HuffPost on the issue. 

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