Monday, November 25, 2013

Top Paying Post-Graduate Degrees

What Are the Best Post-Graduate Degrees? 
My Mother Wanted me to be a Doctor, but....

According to Investopedia, they are:

*  MBA

*  Medical Degree

*  Law Degree

*  Education

*  Engineering

Another Investopedia article adds some others, including computer science, psychiatry and nurse anesthesia, to the mix. 

Investopedia does a nice job of including earnings statistics to its analysis, although I am not sure I am in total agreement with its figures....

What Are the Hottest Master's Degrees Right Now?

Certain post-graduate degrees, such as those for medicine or law, require more than a 2-year post-graduate commitment.  Masters degrees do not.  So what are the most coveted Master's degrees right now?  According to Forbes, they are:

Have You Considered a Masters in Physics?
*  Information Systems

*  Physics

*  Physician Assistants

*  Computer Science

*  Electrical Engineering

*  MBAs

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