Monday, November 25, 2013

The American Dream Revisited: Young Entrepreneurs

I have in the past hypothesized that one possible solution for the many unemployed recent college graduates is to start one's own business.

A recent article by Huffpost suggests that many bright Generation Xers have figured this out for

Look, at one point or the other, most of us are going to have to go into survival mode.  That means work, work, work with little to show for it.  Generally speaking, all of us have had to do that at some point or the other in our lives.

Your Own Business?
Maybe, at some point in the past, a college degree meant that such struggles were behind us - but usually that was just a fallacy!  The first child or the first mortgage payment put us right back into the trenches.

So, if you are going to struggle, if you are going to have to fight to survive, would you rather do it when you are young and strong, with little "real" obligations, or when you are older, with 2 kids and a mortgage payment?

It doesn't take a Harvard degree to answer that one!

Meanwhile, Click Here to jump to a list of some top niche job search sites on line. 

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