Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Philadelphia Employment Lawyer: Is Your Severance Worth it? Non-competition Covenants and Severance.


Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts...

Consider: Your employer did not have you sign a non-compete during your employment, but has slipped a non-compete into your proposed severance agreement.

Understand: No matter what you have heard, Pennsylvania courts will enforce non-competes.

Be Aware:  If you have a non-compete, it is harder to get a job. Prospective employers are leery of hiring applicants with non-competes.

Put This on One Side of the Scale...
Balance:  Is the severance being offered worth the restrictions in the non-compete?

And This on the Other..
Rest Assured:  If the company offered you a severance agreement, it wants you to sign.  You may in fact have more bargaining power than you know.

Possibility:  Hiring an attorney to help you evaluate you circumstances and, perhaps negotiate a better deal may be worth your investment.

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