Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Montgomery County Politico/Attorney Robert "Bobby" Kerns Charged In Shocking Rape Case

Attorney Robert Kerns, GOP Powerbroker for Many Years, Charged in Violent Rape Case


Goodbye Career, Mr. Kerns
Mr. Kerns has for many years been anointing Kings and Queens, and making enemies, in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  I worked in Montgomery County for more than 10 years, and believe me when I tell you, there are people rejoicing at his seemingly certain downfall.

It seems to me he will likely spend the rest of his life in jail, and for good reason.  If what is alleged is true, this was a truly heinous crime

Here is a synopsis of the reported allegations.

At a party for an attorney at Kerns' firm held at a local bar, an employee of the firm said that she felt overcome by alcohol and unable to drive home.  She would call her husband, she said, but he was away on business.  Kerns overheard her laments, and (seemingly) came to the rescue, offering to drive her home.  He ordered some take out chardonnay from the bar along with two glasses (??!!), and they departed.  He laced the bottle with Ambien and, by the time they got to her home, she was passed out.  By then, he had already violently raped her in the car.  He then took her into her home, into her husband's home, into their family's home, and raped her again.

When first confronted with her accusations, Mr. Kerns denied having sex with the victim.  This became a problem when his DNA ended up on her underwear.  He then denied drugging her with Ambien.  This became a problem when it showed up in her blood systems.

If these things are true, then Mr. Kerns is a very bad man.

The Strength it Must Take
to Make Such a Walk...

I applaud this woman for having the incredible courage to come forward.  She feared, as one could understand, that Kerns would walk given his heavyweight status in the County (she was incorrect in this - kudos to police and Montco DA Risa Ferman).  I pray that she and her husband can get through this together.  I hope that if they decide to sell their home they get a great price, and if they decide to stay there they in the future create thousands of wonderful memories.  

While Kerns rots in jail.


Anonymous said...

WOW you are biased for posting these remarks while representing a law firm! Shame on you for not living by the words of all attorneys "innocent until proven guilty". What has Bob done to you that you decided to be so evil in your post about him before he has had a chance to have his day in court. There are many smart people in this world that go after prominent men like Mr. Kerns for many reasons and I would be questioning why one would want to go shopping in King of Prussia when they live over an hour away in Franconia and are too drunk to drive. How was this "victim" getting home from shopping without having her car? Certainly her husband being away this particular weekend needs to be examined and her amazingly quick actions getting blood tests and rape kit were amazing considering her situation.

Personal Injury Attorney Tempa said...

"Mr. Kerns is bad", I think the people like him should be hanged till death. At least he should be made an example for other monsters like him who are walking among us.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you know "Bobby" personally! What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Sure hope you aren't a lawyer and if you are please put your name here so noone hires you. Too many questions need to be answered here like how this MARRIED woman allowed herself to get into this kind of situation and what is true and what is false on both sides of this story!