Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Final Report on Newtown Assassin Adam Lanza Says He Was Obsessed With Columbine

Adam Lanza
Adam Lanza Kept Spreadsheet Ranking Mass Murders

Yesterday, the State of Connecticut released its Final Report on the Newtown Massacre.  It is 48 pages in length, and provides detailed findings on the lifestyle, habits, interests and mental state of killer Adam Lanza. 

Click Here to read the Report. 

While no definitive motive was uncovered (it appears he chose Sandy Hill elementary due to its proximity to his home), it did disclose many unknown, chilling facts about Lanza, such as:

*  No one was allowed into his room, even to clean;

*  He covered his bedroom windows with black trash bags;

*  He was obsessed with Columbine, and kept a detailed Columbine scrapbook;

*  He compiled a spreadsheet wherein he identified and ranked mass murders;

*  In 5th grade, he wrote "The Book of Granny," which featured violent events including a son shooting his mother in the head, and a violent character who enjoyed hurting children.  This book was found in his room, a room into which his mother seldom, if ever, ventured;

*   During the 3 months that preceded the murders, Lanza communicated with his mother only via    e-mail even though they lived together;

*  There is no evidence that a specific "triggering event" precipitated the shootings.

Nancy Lanza
Peter Lanza

In my view, the failures of Adam Lanza's parents are unmistakable and indefensible. 

You see black trash bags on the windows of your son's room, a room into which your access is forbidden?  You do not speak with your son for 3 months except via e-mail even though you live under the same roof?

Apparently, Nancy Lanza's motto was "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." Tragically, had she simply entered his room and looked around, it is clear she would have had great cause for alarm, which likely would have led to intervention for Adam and prevention of this tragedy. 

Did Nancy Lanza not speak to Adam's father, Peter Lanza?  Did he, too, not care enough about his son to drive up from New York and talk to his son?  If he did so, would he have allowed his son to deny access into his bedroom? 

How could parents stand by and allow their son to cut off all communication and access?  Adam Lanza's father may have lived an hour or two away, but he still had a son to love and care for.  But he failed to do so. He abandoned that boy, I am sad to say.  Nancy Lanza did little better, turning a blind eye to an obviously troubled child.

As a result of their dereliction of parental responsibilities, 27 people lost their precious lives on December 14, 2012. 

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