Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shiny, Happy People: Philadelphia Among the 10 Happiest Cities to Work in for Young Professionals

Philly, Boston and DC Make the Grade - NYC Does Not

According to a recent study from, Philadelphia is among the 10 happiest cities for younger workers.  To which I, a lifelong Philly resident (at least suburban Philly resident), say, "Of course!"

A Happy Place Filled With Brotherly Love
Here is the full list, in order of ranking:

1)  San Jose, CA;
2)  San Francisco, CA;
3)  Washington, DC;
4)  Chicago, IL;
5)  San Diego, CA;
6)  Riverside, CA;
7)  Philadelphia, PA;
8)  Houston, TX;
9)  Phoenix, AZ;
10) Boston, MA

Interesting that Philly, Boston and DC made the list, but the Big Apple did not!  Touche, NYC.

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Greg Prosmushkin said...

Philadelphia is best city