Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Italian Court Orders New Trial for Amanda Knox

New Trial Ordered for Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito in Murder of Meredith Bercher

Italy's Supreme Court has vacated the decision of a lower appeals court that overturned her murder conviction, and ordered a new trial.  That means that Ms. Knox and her alleged accomplice, Raffaele Sollecito, will now have to stand trial again.

Ms. Knox is living in Seattle, while Mr. Sollecito, who it has been reported turned 29 today, lives in Italy.

Reportedly, the new trial will not be held in Perugia, the situs of the murder and the locale of the first trial, but rather in Tuscany. 

Amanda Knox - Will Stay in Seattle
Raffaele Sollecito - Not a Happy Birthday

Victim Meredith Kercher

Ms. Knox has stated that she has no intention of returning to Italy for her new trial.  It remains to be seen what would occur if she was convicted in absentia.  Italy could under such circumstances seek her extradition.  That undoubtedly would cause quite an international stir. Mr. Sollecito will likely stand trial alone.

Ms. Knox and Mr. Sollecito are accused of the brutal murder of Ms. Knox's roomate, Meredith Kercher.  Rudy Guede was tried separately from Knox and Sollecito in connection with the Kercher murder, and was convicted. That verdict has been upheld, and he remains incarcerated. 

Rudy Guede - Convicted
Click Here for Timetable of Events in Kercher tragedy and its aftermath.

Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini, who during closing argument referred to Knox as a "drug-crazed She Devil," now gets a second chance to obtain a conviction. 
Mignini - Knox a "She Devil"

Click Here to read one of the best stories of its ilk I have ever read, "The Neverending Nightmare of Amanda Knox," authored by Nathaniel Rich in the June 27, 2011 edition of Rolling Stone.

Mr. Rich's article, which was published after the convictions of Ms. Knox and Mr. Sollecito, is widely-credited with creating a groundswell of support for Ms. Knox in the U.S.  The article comprehensively explores the facts of the case, the mistakes made by Ms. Knox in the immediate aftermath of the murder, and the deeply held belief of Prosecutor Mignini that the murder was a by-product of Satanical influences.

Click Here to read an excellent overview on the Knox case, and the implications of the Supreme Court's decision, published today by the Telegraph's Rome correspondent, Nick Squires.

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