Friday, December 28, 2012

Time Running Out for Federal Extension of Unemployment Benefits

As reported in the attached article from Huffington Post, Congress is not scheduled to meet again until this Sunday, December 30.  Unfortunately, by then federally subsidized long-term unemployment insurance will have lapsed - the extension period expires at Midnight on Saturday December 29. 

Things not looking up....
It's a darn shame that Congress has not made this a more primary issue.  To just let the extension lapse, without debate, discussion or public comment, is simply wrong. 

Not Right
Maybe a "miracle" will happen, but it is not looking good for the approximately 2 million people currently receiving these benefits.  Moreover, there are millions more nearing the end of their state benefit period of 26 weeks who were, I am sure, hoping (and planning, most likely) that extended benefits would be there for them so that they would have at least another 6 months to find a job.

UPDATEExtension to be approved.

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