Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How to Spot a Bad Boss During an Interview

So, you are looking to escape an untenable job because your boss there has made your life hell, and your efforts to fix the problem have failed.  You are interviewing for a new job, and your mindset is that just about anything is better than what you are currently dealing with.  But, be careful: Sometimes the Devil You Know is better than the Devil You Don't!

In this article by Stephanie Christensen, published at, provides some insight on how you can spot a "bad boss," before you have even started working for him/her.

A synopsis of Ms. Christensen's tips are as follows:

1.  Pronoun usage.  See how the interviewer uses "we", "I" and "you" during the interview. This will help tell you if the boss is a "blameshifter."

2.  If you feel the interviewer is probing too deeply into your personal life, be careful.  That is really neither necessary or appropriate during an interview.

3.   If the interviewer routinely interrupts your session to check e-mail, answer the phone, send a text, be wary.

4.  If the answers to your pointed questions are vague or non-responsive, you may be dealing with an evasive person.

In the end, be careful not to "rush into the arms" of a "rebound lover" if your Spider-Sense tingles during the interview.  Just as one cannot change one's spouse, one cannot change one's boss. 

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