Thursday, July 12, 2012

Joe Paterno Used E-Mail - Sandi Segursky's E-Mail

Recently, the attorney for the Paterno family said that Joe Paterno never used e-mail.  But, he did.

A recent report indicates that, while dealing with a 2007 controversey involving player misconduct, Mr. Paterno utilized the e-mail account of his assistant, Sandi Segursky. 

This new additional information that shows just how crafty PSU officials were - and how little they can be trusted.  More sophisticated than you would imagine, in fact.

For example, the 2001 e-mail exchanges between PSU President Gram Spanier, Athletic Director Tim Curly and Vice President Schultz, wherein they discuss what to do about Monster Sandusky after he was seen molesting a boty in the shower by then grad assistant Mike McQueary are notable because:  1) they never used Sandusky's name (calling him "the subject" or "the person"; 2) they never used the name of Sandusky's charity, the Second Mile; and, 3)  they never used the word children (calling them "guests").

They also reported intially that the shower incident took place in March 2002.  It wasn't until Louis Freeh stepped in that it was recently revealed that the incident took place in February 2001.

They clearly engaged in all of these tactics to avoid detection but, in the end, Louis Freeh was smarter than they were.

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