Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Triponey E-Mail Puts Paterno in Bad Light

Say it ain't so, Joe
Paterno Encouraged PSU to Hide Player Infractions From Public?

Just what Joe Paterno didn't need.  Vicky Triponey, a former PSU official who resigned in 2007, recently released (to the Wall Street Journal, no less) a 2005 e-mail she apparently had held on to for 6 years.  In it, she complains to then-PSU President Graham Spanier that Coach Paterno was insistent that reports of players' crimes and misdemeanors should not be made public.

Click Here for text of Triponey e-mail, and story.

Ok, this isn't terribly surprising but, yet, I truly am starting to feel sorry for Joe Paterno, whose clay feet are slowly, surely, being revealed to all...

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