Tuesday, November 15, 2011

McQueary: "I Didn't Just Turn and Run. I Made Sure it Stopped."

The McQueary E-Mail Claiming He Stopped Rape

In a recent e-mail sent to players and friends, Mike McQueary suggests that, when he saw Jerry Sandusky raping a boy in a PSU shower in 2002, "I didn't just turn and run....I made sure it stopped." 

Click Here for full text of Mike McQueary e-mail.

This may answer one potential question:  what happened when McQueary, Sandusky and the victim made eye contact on that horrible night in 2002.  McQueary did not in the e-mail say what he did to stop the rape.  Given that McQueary has never suggested that he said anything on that fateful evening, it may be safe to assume that what he means is that his presence stopped the rape.

McQueary's claim suggests the following happened: He came in, saw the sex act and, when Sandusky saw him and stopped.  McQueary then walked away and called his father.  The Grand Jury Indictment (perhaps unfairly to McQueary), makes no mention of McQueary stopping the rape.  It simply says that after he made eye contact with Sanducky and the victim, he "left immediately, distraught."  Indeed, it is this passage from the Indictment that has led to Worldwide condemnation of McQueary.  If McQueary told the Grand Jury that he stopped the rape, then the Grand Jury really was unfair to him in its Indictment.

Since Sandusky is proclaiming his innocence, and the young victim has apparently yet to surface, McQueary's e-mail is the only evidence as to what transpired that evening immediately after he made eye contact with Sandusky and the victim.. 

Click Here to read NBC News report on McQueary's e-mail.  This report also has a link to chilling 1987 interview with Jerry Sandusky.

Why Nothing About McQueary Stopping Rape?
Perhaps most notably, in the e-mail McQueary said that he spoke to the police about the 2002 incident.  The Grand Jury Indictment indicates, however, that no one from PSU (including McQueary) ever spoke with the police about the 2002 incident.  Further, the Grand Jury subpoenaed the police, and received no records relating to such a discussion.  Click Here for our analysis on these potentially explosive issues.

NOTEPolice dispute McQueary report on November 16.

Are Police Hiding Something, or is McQueary?
 McQueary's e-mail is sure to upset PSU police greatly, and raises highly significant questions about the actions of the police, and the findings of the Grand Jury.

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