Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Poll Shows 50% Believe Paterno Forced Sandusky to Resign Following 1998 Resignation

Poll Shows 90% Believe Sandusky's Retirement Related to 1998 Investigation

We recently posted a poll in which we asked the following question:

Based upon what you know so far, do you believe Jerry Sandusky resigned in 1999 in lieu of being fired by PSU due to 1998 investigation?

Here are the poll results:

Yes, Paterno found out about it and made him resign: 14 (50%)

Yes, PSU (but not Paterno) found out about it and made him resign: 11 (40%)

No, he truly decided to retire so he could devote more time to the Second Mile Charity:  3 (10%)

A small sampling, to be sure, but nevertheless interesting....

Sandusky:  90% Believe Forced to Resign
Paterno:  50% Believe He Forced Sandusky Out
Thanks to all who voted.

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