Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Best and Worst Graduate Degrees, Master's Degree's, Undergraduate Degrees and More

We have collected information concerning the Best Business Schools, the Most Valuable Master's Degrees, and the Fastest Growing Careers in the U.S., not to mention all sorts of other "Best and Worst" lists, from Top College Degrees to Best Retail Jobs in America to Best Careers for Women, etc.

Click Here to read our Post, "Women and Children First," wherein we have collected a broad assortment of  "Best and Worst" in the areas of education, employment, careers and more.  Check back from time to time, because we update this Post regularly.

Hope you enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Worst Job? Trust me, it's chemistry. It doesn't pay too low, however when compared to the amount of work and financial investment you have to put to become a chemical engineer, in the end it's not worth it. Take it from someone who's been in the field for 10 years now. Unless you wont to become an establish scientists, stay away from chemistry!