Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Disappearance of Jobs for the Middle Class

The attached Article from Forbes.com is not surprising, but it is nevertheless sad news - and evidence of the need to change our thinking when it comes to our careers.

Where have jobs for the middle class gone?  Technological advances are responsible for the replacement of man by machine.  This trend is only going to get worse.  What jobs have been most affected by technological advances?

*  Clerical workers
*  Travel Agents
*  Proofreaders
*  Broadcasters and news reporters (Thanks Internet!  Hello, Bloggers!)
*  Compensation and benefit managers

The (ongoing) economic crisis has also caused some business sectors to reduce payroll.  Those sectors include:

*  Advertising
*  agricultural engineering jobs

The Forbes.com Article also alludes to the loss of unions (or at least strong union influence) in the USA, but does not mention the tens of thousands of blue collar and clerical jobs that have been shipped oversees, or at least South of the Border.

However, another recent Article from Forbes.com sheds some more light on this factor, and on other jobs lost to technological advances, such as:

*  Mail sorters
*  Door to door sales and telemarketing
*  seamstresses and textile workers (what machines cannot do, women in more impoverished countries can)
*  Stage performers and live entertainers (it is all available on the Web or on Cable)

 What is the lesson?  Perhaps it is that many middle class workers need to become well-informed on computer/software/Internet-based technologies.  These are the advances that are on the cutting edge, and proficiency in one or more segments of such technological advances may be the "golden ticket" to long-term job security (or at least career-security, since the days of getting a gold watch after 30 years with the company seem to be largely behind us).

Over the past months, I have collected a number of resources discussing the best and worst of America's current job market.  Click Here to jump there.

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